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Kronic is a legal stimulant that can act as a perfect substitute for Marijuana. Unlike Marijuana, it does not contain THC, which is a harmful component of Cannabis. It comes perfectly with a bong to ensure you are getting the right smoke or burn from the said stimulant.

It actually originated in New Zealand as a legal weed, but it is now being traded worldwide. Kronic Australia is one of most sought after versions of this stimulant. It comes in various sizes, but it is sold over the counter starting with a 1 or 3 gram tetra pack, which they call 'cone'.

Basically it is a legal form of stimulant that has its own set of good and bad effects. With the right amount, you will experience a legal state of mental high which is basically like a relaxant. Say for example, when one is in a state of tension or depression, using Kronic can be a good substitute for anti-depressants, relaxants or even alcohol. It can relax your muscles and stabilizes your brain waves for a perfect high. But it is highly advisable to stay away from driving 1 hour after getting high with the stimulant. Though your reflexes may be responding quite normally, but your state of mind will definitely have a slight difference. Some users express the feeling of being paranoid yet unperturbed. The euphoric high you'll feel is similar to that of Valium, a drug used to treat anxiety, but with an occasional blurring of the sight when you move your head in different directions.

But of course, too much of anything will do no good. If you try to take this legal stimulant on high dosages, it can cause a slight confusion and metal block, the term is "over-stoned". Some cases described it as you being aloft for a few seconds. The feeling of which is very absurd and your sense of reasoning might even fail for a short period of time. Some over-stoned users experienced to be very articulate in speech. Also, your state of mind seemed to dove-tail different mind sets, as they described it. Adding to the description, they also noticed doing tasks that they are not used to be doing. Tasks or chores like washing dishes, washing clothes and cleaning the bathroom are some of the chores that were done when they are in the over-stoned state.

Sounds good, having chores done by being high. But the fact of losing your sense of reasoning is not a good option to take risk of. It is always good to stick to moderation.

drug test marijuana cut off

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Lobularia Maritima

COMMON NAME-------------------Sweet Alyssum


Raising of Seedling--------------- September-October Transplanting Month October-November

Planting Distance-----------------15 cm x 15 cm

Height of Plant-------------------Dwarf: 20-30 cm

Flowering Month-----------------November-December





Suitable For---------------------Edging, borders, beddings, window boxes and as pot flowers

Lobularia maritima is erect, cylindrical, branched, and herbaceous. The leaves are alternate, long, narrow and green in colour. Every branch bears a spike of white flowers arranged in corymbs which collectively form a carpet of flowers.

The plant is low-growing and spreading in nature. Prefer direct sowing to raising of nursery. Avoid over-irrigation as the plant cannot withstand excess watering. It takes 40-45 days for the flowers to bloom after transplantation. The flowers cover the tiny leaves during a full bloom. To prolong the blooming period continuously remove the spent flowers. Cut the stem a few inches above the ground after the first bloom and add manure to facilitate a second bloom. The seed pods are collected at regular intervals when they turn brown in colour and later seeds are collected. April-May and September-October in the mild climate of South India is the period to cultivate Alyssum while in the northern hills it is sown in February-March.

Grow Alyssum to have a garden full of fragrance and butterflies.

Lupinus Hartwegii

COMMON NAME--------------------Lupin

Family----------------------------Leguminosae Raising of Seedling September-October Transplanting Month October-November

Planting Distance------------------30 cm x 30 cm

Height of Plant---------------------Tall: 60-75 cm

Flowering Month--------------------March-April

Colours-----------------------------Peach, white, yellow, purple, pink, mauve,lavender and dark blue


Sunlight----------------------------Full/Partial Shade


Suitable For------------------------Beddings, borders, pots and cut flowers

The stems of Lupinus hartwegii are hardy and the leaves are deeply cut clumps having grey-green colour with hairy surfaces. The plants have a palm-shaped foliage. The spikes of the flowers are borne above the foliage on the entire length of the long stalks.

Soak the large oval-shaped seeds overnight before sowing directly in the flower beds or in nursery beds. It is an annual that blooms in 90-110 days. It thrives best in cool climate as short and mild winters do not produce large flower spikes. Pinch off the tops as soon as the lower pods grow to their full size to avoid the pods from shrivelling. The perennial species seeds are sown in the northern hills in March-April. The plant can also be multiplied by division or cutting.

The dried flower retains its colour for a long time while the cut flower is used as a filler in flower arrangements.

The flower is known for its fragrance.

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