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  1. Does the drug Suboxone show up in a standardized drug test?
    My cousin is on probation and is being drug tested in less than two days. She goes to the Suboxone clinic, and has used Suboxone today. Suboxone is an opiate blocking drug designed to help people get off of drugs like heroin. I want to know if it will show up in her urine for a standard drug test that they give at a jail. Please help if you know anything.

    • I assume that she is not prescribed Suboxone, as she shouldn’t be concerned if she is. Anyway…
      Most drug tests (especially urine) do NOT test for buprenorphine. Most of them test for opiates (morphine, heroin, codeine), not opioids. The distinction is that the former occur naturally & the latter are either semi- or totally synthetic. Methadone & propoxyphene are two totally sythetic opioids off the top of my head. Buprenorphine, codeine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxycodone, oxymorphone, etc… are semi-synthetic. There’s one caveat to the above classification: heroin is diacetylmorphine, meaning it has two acetyl groups attached (i.e. someone attached them, it is not natural), BUT it is metabolized to morphine, among other compounds, which is natural. Codeine also breaks down to morphine.
      I’ve taken dozens and dozens of drug tests, mostly all urine, & almost all of them come back negative for opiates….except the cups that my Suboxone doctor uses. Those are instant, and they do test for bupe. Most likely, she’ll be fine, especially if the test is for a job….If you were a company, would you want to shell out extra money to test for buprenorphine? Best of luck to her!

  2. does suboxone show up on a drug test?
    I was wondering if suboxone showed up on drug tests (piss test)? Curious about 5panel and 10panel tests.

  3. What does suboxone show up as on a drug test?
    I’m taking suboxone to get off painkillers but I have to take a drug test for work. I just want to know if the suboxone I’m taking will show up as anything. I’m prescribed to painkillers but not the suboxone. I got them off a friend.


      suboxone, or more specifically buprenorphine must be specifically tested for, and most places don;t test for it…Some places do though, and more and more places are, because, juts like you, people are getting Sub off the street and often abusing it. technically, you are abusing it, but I feel your pain.

      A word or warning. If you take sub for more than 4 week you will be addicted to it, and it is 100 times harder to detox from than hydro or oxy.

      Also, sub is 50 times stronger than morphine, so for example if you are using 100 mg’s a day of hydro, 2 mg’s of sub a day would be a good starting dose. Use it for about 2 weeks and wean down to 0.5 mg’s a day or less during that 2 weeks, then jump. sub is like a miracle drug when used this way, but long term maintenance is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

      Here’s a site (below) to help if you need, or feel free to email me for tips on how to do this.

      and here’s a really good pod cast you should share with your friend who is on Sub. It should ne mandatory to watch.


  4. Does Suboxone come up on a standard drug screening for work?
    I am going to have to take a drug test in the morning for a job and I have been self medicating myself with suboxone for a while now. I am curious to know if suboxone shows up on your standard drug test, I assume it will be either a mouth swab or a urine test. most likely a urine test. will it show up?

    • well i answered your last question about your saliva test and no the suboxone will not show up in your urine test either as an opiate.I have to take a urine test at least 2 times a month to get my suboxone and i always come up negative for opiates.When i picked up my last script for my suboxone which was for 75 tablets (i take 3 a day) the cost of them was $1050.00 thank god i got good insurance and your just taking them to self medicate,wow you must be paying someone alot of money for them.

  5. Is there anyway to do heroin and take Suboxone so that i will pass my drug test?
    Is there a way for me to do heroin but cover it up in a drug test by taking suboxone? in other words, if i take suboxone and do heroin will the heroin show up in my drug test?
    i don’t do heroin. im asking for my brother who is addicted and prescribed suboxone. i want to know if i drug test him if it would still show up positive.

    • The way to pass the drug test is to not do the heroin. It is one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs and causes many deaths per year. Why would anyone take a risk like that. Do you have any common sense? If already addicted, you need to get help. My neice got off of heroin finally, and is now living a pretty productive life.

  6. Would Suboxone and Percocet show up as the same in a urine test?
    I have a perscription for suboxone but took a few percocets and have a drug test for a new job. Will the Suboxone and Percocet show up as the same opiate or will they show both differentley

    • No. Suboxone won’t show up at all on most standard drug tests. This will probably change in the future, but since it’s relatively new & very expensive to test for they won’t even know you’re on it.

      The percocets will show up if you took them recently.

      You can’t pawn the percocets off on the suboxone. Even if they do test for subs it will show up as a different drug.

  7. how can i clean suboxone out of my system quick and with out buying anything?
    does suboxone show up on drug tests and if so how long after will it be not detectabile.I need to find out if suboxone shows up on a probation drug test and how can i clean it out of my system as soon as possable..

    • drinking lots of water, helps, but nothing is guaranteed to eliminate all of it, other than time.

  8. Does suboxone appear on drug tests for new employment opportunities?
    I am interested in switching careers, however, I am on suboxone. I have not had any issues with addiction for the last three years. I have been with my current employer for over five years, and am not currently subject to drug testing. The new position I am interested in requires a drug test, I just want to ensure that I will not have any issues finding new employment because of my perscription.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • The answer to your question is No…Suboxone will NOT show up on a normal drug test. The ONLY way Suboxone will show, is if they specifically test for it. My Suboxone doctor tests to make sure I am taking my Suboxone by using a test strip specifically used to test for the presence(sp?) of Buprenorphine in my urine. So unless they are going to test for that, it will NOT show up. But just so you know…they are now making drug test kits that DO include Buprenorphine in the drug panel. That is very new. So I would probably NOT worry about it.

  9. does suboxone show up as an opiate in a drug test?
    I have to take a drug test to get into a pain management doctor. My problem is that my test has to be drug free. I have taken suboxine tho, to help me get thru not having any medication. Since it is a synthetic opiate, will it show positive in my test? Any help is appreciated. I am just trying to get in to see a pain specialist. BTW There are no other drugs in my system, no weed, nothing. Thanks again.

    • No. Few thing I say this on, but I will Guatranee you it does not. In fact is was a selling point to the FDA as an argument to market it to recovering patients, and allow them to get their life back. Therefore being able to get a job while on it was condusive to allowing Subutex / Suboxone for the treatment of tolerance and addiction without fear of anyone finding out.

      Suboxone is not really an opiate, it may derive from Thebaine, but it is more of a chemical which just happens to partially bind to the mu receptors, kind of like how sometimes you can get legos to fit in an odd 45 degree angle, but it is not a true fit. Therefore, they saturate your body with suboxone to try to cover all the receptors to stop withdrawal symptoms.

      I can tell you with confidence, as a counselor, you will have nothing to worry about unless they tell you they are SPECIFICALLY testing for Buprenorphine, the active portion of Suboxone. I have yet to hear of companies doing this, only military, higher end gov. positions. and of course the DEA.

      Don’t worry k?

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