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  1. Mouth swab. . .Blue ?
    I took an mouth swab on monday & i smoked last monday! That was my first time smoking so A barely hit the joint right… Ok i took the swab it went into some blue stuff then I saw the white cotton thing turned blue
    Bad or Good . . ?
    ps don’t lector me on not smoking cause I won’t try it again !

    • Mouth swab tests require you put quite alot of saliva into the cotton on the end. part of it will turn blue when you have enough saliva in the swab it does not mean you tested positive.

      These tests are mostly good only for detecting substances which are currently active in your system. Additionally, they detect THC directly, not the metabolites like urine tests often do. THC does not last as long in your system as some metabolites do. If you stopped smoking 1-3 days prior to the test, there is small a chance that your levels of THC will not be detectable.

      A student of mine recently got a swab test at an interview, had no idea they were going to do it and has probably smoked every day for the past several months..
      He got the job 3 days later.

      Again, they test for levels of drugs that are currently active in one’s system. If a person isn’t stoned at the time of the test, and isn’t burning fat stores (through dieting, fasting, skipping breakfast) that release THC into the blood, and has a high metabolism, they may test low enough to pass.

  2. I had an interview at Kroger for a cashier position, and I have some questions?
    1) They didn’t give me a drug test at the end. Does that mean they don’t plan on hiring me?
    2) It’s been two days since the interview. Would calling tomorrow and asking if they’ve made the decision be acceptable?
    3) Does the Kroger union give me any benefits?

    Thanks in advance

  3. How can a toxicology report done on a straw come up with a false positive for cocaine; Never snorted cocaine?
    I was in an accident where they found a small straw in my wallet that I use to use for snorting ritalin, Ambien, Xanax, and Seroquil. After the toxicology report came back it showed positive for cocaine. I have been searching everywhere for false positives on cocaine. I HAVE NOT done cocaine in about 5 years, but again, I did snort the above. I am being charge with a felony for a crime that I did not commit. Where can I find some information to help my case. Are there any medicines that may conclude as cocaine.
    SHould i ask for another labratory to check.
    I DID NOT SNORT COCAINE THROUGH THAT STRAW and if I go to jail for that , I will be the victim of a total injustice.
    PLEASE HELP WITH ANY INFORMATION that may help me in my case. By the way, i am totally clean now. It’s an irony, because the wallet was old and I had no idea that it was in there.

    • I agree with the statement about the money. I live in a town that has launched an all out war on drugs and for awhile they would pull over known drug dealers and if they could not find drugs they would swab all their money until they could get a bill positive for cocaine. Most of the money in circulation has coke on it from people either folding it and crushing up or using it as a straw. That’s why you should not let kids play with money. Kids can put money in their mouth that may have just been used to sniff with. i also agree with the party theory. I forget where my feet are located when I’m on xan-bars so maybe someone took a one on one with your straw and passed it back. Never hold on to a straw. You can walk into any store and get a handful for free. if it tested positive it will be tough to prove a false positive theory although Ritalin would be the closest relation it will not turn a cocaine swab blue, only coke will do that. Get a good lawyer to try to find a loop hole but really for personal use you tell them you have a drug problem and you might just get a slap on the wrist and a stay at your local state run rehab.

  4. controlling yourself in front of parents when high?
    i’m 15 and i don’t party all the time or anything but since it’s summer i wanna have some fun. i drink a few times a month and have only smoked weed like 5 times. the worst i’ve done is taken ecstacy. i did it last week and had a horrible trip cuz it made me really paranoid and i kept thinking i would get caught and be in huge trouble so i would turn every situation into something negative. anyway i didn’t get caught but since then i’ve been scared that i will next time i try anything. i wanna hang out with this guy i know & one of his friends tomorrow when my parents r out and were probably gonna be smoking and i might try some other sh*t too so my question is does anyone have any tips on how to not panic when i get high and be able to control myself in front of my parents when they come home so i’m not repeating myself and stuff. please spare me the “dont do drugs” bull i know doing this is stupid but its my life so suck my d*ck. thanks :)))
    i’m a girl btw and my parents prob wouldn’t give me painkillers cuz they think i’ve tried to OD on them but good idea lol

  5. Swab Test for Drugs and THC?
    My friend just applied for Amazon, and he said that he had to take a saliva test that required him to put a piece of foam in his mouth for 5 minutes until it turned blue. I’ve never heard of a test like this, are they like other saliva tests?

    • If you mean he placed a chemically sensitive test strip, made of foam, in his mouth for five minutes to see if it turns blue. Blue apparently is positive for contraband drugs ( not desirable). The simple answer is there are new tests coming out constantly for various things. The other unsaid question is why worry. You should not be using those drugs.

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