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  1. How long is vicodin detectable for an oral swab drug test?
    I took one 7.5 vicodin 2 days ago and I just got call in for an oral swab drug test today for a job. Do you thank I will pass?

    • Most chemicals will stay in your system from 72 to 78 hours. chemicals will stay in your hair and your body’s fatty tissue for years. best not to do them at least 5 to 7 days prior to a probation visit that you will be requested to to a drop.

      According to my info every medicine you eat you inject in you body will remaining your blood for next 6 moths maximum and can be detectable through blood or urine tests.

      THIS QUESTION SHOULD NOT be under “illegal drugs” listing, as it is a legal prescription drug. HOWEVER, if it is misused, it would be illegal USE of a controlled drug (narcotic pain killer). IF it is obtained without a prescription or valid need, it can get you in trouble. If it is prescribed by a physician for a valid reason, you shouldn’t have to worry about it being in your system, for a urine test for example. Narcotics, depending on amount used, can be detected in your system for at LEAST 48 to 72 hours. If you are misusing Vicodin and need to pass a urine test, you should STOP taking the drug. Urine drug testing looks for: cannabis (marijuana, hashish), opiates(sedatives, narcotics), cocaine, heroin, stimulants (speed, methylphenidate [Ritalin], narcotic painkillers (Percocet, Vicodin, Oxycontin, Morphine (MS contin, MS IR), tranquilizers (Valium, Ativan etc.), sleeping pills (Dalmane, chloral hydrate, Halcion) among others. Again, if you have a medical need and a valid prescription from a doctor, you shouldn’t have to worry about it when they find it in your urine or blood.

  2. How does a mouth swab drug test work?
    I’m going to have to take a mouth swab drug test for a new job and I was wondering what it would be all about. I have no reason to worry about whether or not it will come back postive. I’m just wondering what they are testing for, and how long it usually takes to get the results back. Also is it typically done in a Doctor Office?

    • The saliva test is actually the most “lenient” of all the drug tests. Basically, when you smoke, say, marijuana, many of the particles you breathe in will contact your saliva, and some of them will “stick” to it.
      So, when the swab picks up some saliva, it will also ‘grab’ some of the smoke particles that landed in your saliva, and if such narcotics are detected in a high enough *concentration*, then the test will return positive.
      For some opiates and cocaine, some of the particles from the blood will enter into the saliva, making for a longer test period, of maybe 2-3 days at most. For anything smoked, the test is only good for 12-16 hours tops.
      IIRC, it is one of the cheaper tests, and results come back quickly.

  3. How long can the mouth swab drug tests detected THC in your system?
    I most likey have to take a swab drug test tomarrow and was wondering how long it takes to get THC out of your stystem, or if there is anything you can do to hide the THC on the swab test.

    • It can depend on your metabolism and amount smoked, but weed stays with you for a few months. You could try one of those nasty drinks sold at a head shop that costs about $40 and drink a lot of water, but I kind of doubt that will help when testing actual cells instead of urine. Best of luck!

  4. How do I pass a mouth swab drug test in 24 hours?
    How do I pass a mouth swab drug test in 24 hours? Can I drink tons of water like with a UA test? Scrape my mouth?

    • I’ve been researching the swab test myself and this is the most informative info I have found but don’t rely on this and use anything prior to testing. Hope this helps.

      The Oral Fluid Drug Test detection time (Swab Test)
      Cocaine (COC) up to 24 hours
      Amphetamine (AMP) up to 72 hours
      Methamphetamine (mAMP) up to 72 hours
      Opiates (OPI) 24-48 hours
      Marijuana (THC) up to 14 hours

  5. Does anyone know how to pass a swab drug test and how far back it can detect drugs in your system?
    I need to know how far back a swab drug test can detect thc, and ways to pass a swab test? If anyone knows any home remedies please tell and how long back it can tell you used.

  6. Is the employment mouth swab drug test accurate for marijuana?
    I may have a job interview and a mouth swab drug test at Tom Thumb tomorrow. I took 5 hits out of a bong a week ago. And I haven’t smoked about a month and a half prior to that. I heard that the mouth swab drug test doesn’t come up positive for marijuana, is this true?

    • It is and you will pass!
      Saliva tests are accurate but only test back 3 days.
      The mouth swab can come up positive. Tests differ in range 48 to 72 hours.

  7. What are the detection times for marijuana when using swab drug testing?
    I recently came back from Europe (went to Amsterdam’s coffee shops) and I will be performing a swab drug test in a few days for employment. At the time of the test, I will have not smoked marijuana for 7 days. I have been a chronic user for many years and I am worried that it still may be detected past 72 hours. Does anyone know of legitimate evidence that supports people who say it is only detectable for a few days? Please help!!

    • the CHEEK SWAB DRUG TEST can detect THC up to about 72 hours. you seem to be safe.

      take good care emy

  8. How long will it take to come out clean in a swab drug test if you smoked pot once and haven’t smoked since?
    I smoked pot 3-4 weeks ago and took a swab drug test today… I am worried that the pot will come out… I am NOT a pot smoker and only smoked that one time… Should I fear?

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