Stat Flush Pills For Drug Test

A group of Italian scientist was said to have devised a new means to decrease obesity rate not only in Italy but around the world. A pill which increases in size in the stomach after intake is claimed to make the subject who drank it full even without real consumption of food. researchers also points that this pill is new, natural and may easily be flushed out of the body. Furthermore scientists also claim that this drug may even be more potent than conventional lose-weight medicines.

The pill

The pill, still unnamed, is claimed to be the most recent key for the increasing number of fat people. As compared to regular diet pills, it may be characterized as powdery dry at first encounter, then changes to a gel-like matter when swallowed and combined with water. discoverers presented that the medication is composed of hydrogel and cellulose which the body may immediately flush out. Based on experiments done on twenty subjects, the drug is harmless to consume. Added tests will be done to wholly remove uncertainties.

Proper intake

Like any other lose-weight drug obtainable in the world sales industry, there is also an absolute formula for this medicine. Researchers prescribe that the pill be consumed in little quantities. By this the specialists meant it may only be consumed thirty minutes to an hour before eating a meal. Persons should not in any way take-in more than what is prescribed for it may lead to malnourishment at some point.

How it works

Scientists said that the magic of the medication is that after going into the body, the medication, which is calculated to have been taken in with water, will promptly increase in size. By the time it lands on the stomach, it will be big enough for the brain to deduce the consumer is already full. It shall give the illusion of being stuffed for hours. So, the person shall not be signaled to eat. It is also claimed that intake of this medicine is like finishing a a bowl of pasta without gaining unnecessary pounds, just the semi-bloated notion. As such, doctors pointed the effectiveness of the medication as a solution for fatness.

The problem it is made to face

Across the globe, almost a fourth of the population, if not half, are found to be overweight or obese. Many may not be knowledgeable that even if size can make persons look healthful, being obese does not necessarily mean so. In fact a person who is overweight has a higher risk of departing young or obtain ailments than individuals who are perfect enough for their height. This is a dilemma that is to be acted upon by this new diet medication.

To this day more trials are being conducted to warrant the utility of this drug. Scientists pointed that 90 consenting subjects are told to go through a medical trial which will discover whether the peoples' bodies indeed had a lowering of mass from the medicine. If discovered effective then the drugs are sure to aid those who need to lose weight. If otherwise, then the medicine is just a fad just like other diet drugs available in the across the globe.

stat flush pills for drug test

10 thoughts on “Stat Flush Pills For Drug Test

  1. Whats the best way to get weed out of your system?
    I heard vingar can do it
    Or grape juice but I want a legit answer the truth cuz I have drug tests every week

    • iight dnt listen too none of these people. lol. its totally possible ta pass a drug test weekly. lol. i used ta do it all tha time when i was in rehab. i passed every drug test an nvr quit smokin. lol. all yuu gotta do is drink lots an lots of water as much as yuu can before yuur drug test an piss til its clear an also take vitamins called b12. take lots of these tha night before an tha day of yuur drug test. yuu’ll see they’ll be yuur best frenn (: lol. also theres these pills i used ta take sometimes which is called stat flush. there a dietary supplement. they workk superr good. theres five pills per bottle an yuu gotta be clean for 24 hrs before yuur drug test an yuu take those tha day of yuur drug test like perferably 3 hrs before yuur ta get test but it usually can workk in two iff need to bee. an yuu gotta drinkk 3 bottles of water an piss three times before yuur drug test. but there 20 $ a bottle an good luckk finding them there not sol in stores. i used ta get mine in cleveland. but goo look it up on google. theres a website for it. lol. but i used ta do this shitt all tha time. lol. now i do it for my probation drug tests every two weeks. it workks. dnt listen ta these fuckk heads tht say yuu cnt do it an blah blah blah! haha. well good luckk (: an also if yuu dnt believe me it will work try this out before yuu have yuur drug test an use a home drug test an see iff yuu pass (: haha. it workks (: almost guarenteed (:
      an p.s. if yuu work outt it causes tha thc ta come out of yuur fat cells an cause yuu to be more dirty. lol. i learned tht from rehab. ha but if yuu want too be completly cleann this juss helps it to be faster which by faster i mean like two weeks. lol. which aint possible for yuu since yuu have weekly drug test. lol.
      tht websites for tha stat flush pills. lol.

  2. How can I pass this drug screening?
    Urine test is April 14th.

    Last time I smoked was March 27th. And before that was March 14th.

    I’m 5’7 and weigh 135 lbs.

    I bought a detox called Strip Natural Cleanser from gnc.
    And my cousin gave me Emergency stat flush (5 pills).
    Please don’t post don’t smoke or quit’s pretty obvious I already know that.

  3. How can I pass a drug test?
    I really need this job.
    Haven’t smoked since 8 days ago.
    My cousin gave me stat flush (5 pills) and said it worked for him for over 11 months (probation).

    • Don’t do drugs… easiest way to pass a drug test.

      But since it’s too late… drink lots of water and work out. Speeding up your metabolism MIGHT flush the stuff out.

      It also depends on how often you smoked before you quit… someone who smokes everyday or close to it has a lot of “stuff” built up in their system and it will take a while (about a month) for it to flush out. If you only did it occasionally tho, you will probably be ok.

      Get an at-home drug test if you wanna check before you do the real-deal.

  4. How can I pass this drug screening?
    Urine test is April 14th.

    Last time I smoked was March 27th. And before that was March 14th.

    I bought a detox called Strip Natural Cleanser from gnc.
    And my cousin gave me Emergency stat flush (5 pills).
    It’s pretty obvious to tell me not to do drugs.
    So stop saying it.

    • It also depends what type of test they’re doing, if its a pass/fail like an employer would do then you shouldn’t have any problems using a blocker.

      If they are looking at your levels, like a probation dept would using a product like the ones that you have will give you a false negative at which time your busted. Those products will block your creatinine. Tests like those look at your creatinine levels also, so if there is no creatinine in your urine then they’ll know that you used something.

      If its more like a PO Dept. test, and you don’t use anything but just hope and pray that you pass, they will be able to look at the levels of THC in your system and will know approx how long ago you smoked.

      You can also find you local head shop and ask them for some advice. I hope this made sense, I’m pretty stoned right now, lmfao! :) Good luck!!

      To all the jerk offs that haven’t had anything useful to post other then stop smoking, and drugs are bad. Don’t you have something more useful to do with your time? Go surf youtube, or myspace or try masturbation, it works wonders for boredom!

  5. how can i add a comment?
    i am 5 foot 3 and i weigh 100 pounds i smoked like 10 times in january and slowed drastically down and in the month of february i smoked probably an ounce but i have a very high metabolism and took a little bit of niacin with alot alot of cranberry extract pills healthy urinary tract and i have been drinking a gallon of water a day in order to pass my drug test i havent smoked ince sunday march 4th and i only took one gigantic bong rip but i am taking a lab test 15ng and it is one of the best drug testing facilites in the city of san diego and they test for everything but im clean for everything but marijuana and i have STAT flush detox this facility tests for clouting or clouding whatever it is but will this show up i really need some help i go to the steam room and sweat like a mad man i mean i MAD MANNNN!!!!!!! and i regularly work out and sweat will i pass a drug test by march 20th please i need all the help i can get and i appreciate everybodys comments i am starting to freak out because if i fail my beautiful baby my 2007 subaru impreza WRX is on the line so its all or nothing and everything i care about is on the line im freaking out and panicking that this amazing facility is going to detect thc please can anybody help me-Jake by the way my email adress is thanks so much it is greatly appreciated you have absolutely no idea

    • Two ways
      (1) You have to ask a question and receive one or more answers.
      After you choose a best answer you will be given the opportunity to add a comment by clicking on “comment”

      (2) You answer someone else’s question and they select your answer as best answer.
      After that you can add a comment by clicking on “comment”.

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