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  1. Can you pass a hair follicle drug test if you only did a drug like 6-8 times a period of over 3 months ago?
    Specifically if the hair is taken from the leg.. THC
    Like not a habitual user, Trying it over 3 months ago and deciding it was stupid and bad. … If you were to fail it even, Do some companies understand something and maybe still hire you..? Apparently the testing can tell exact amounts and time thigns were done.

  2. How do you pass a hair follicle drug test?
    So I’m applying for a job and I heard that they now do hair follicle tests and i heard that THC stays in your hair for like six months, if this is true i honestly don’t see anyway I could pass the test unless if i shave my whole body which would already seem pretty suspicious haha. Any of you miracles workers out there know anything?

    • Yes, it’s true – hair tests are the ‘gold standard’ cuz they CAN’T be fooled.
      Don’t bother shaving — if they can’t get hair, they just fail you automatically because the rationale is you obviously had something to hide.
      They can use pubic, body or head hair, result is the SAME.
      Hair test goes back minimum 90, and maximum 120 days (4 months).

      If you’ve been using the whole time, yes, you’re screwed.
      Don’t bother to apply.

  3. How to prepare for a hair follicle drug test?
    Ok, so I’m a social potsmoker (not a stoner),and I am in the process of getting a great job. I just found out about the opportunity so I have quit smoking. I know that this company does hair drug test, and I know that I have about 30 days or more before and if I get the offer of employment. So I’m curious of what I should do to prepare other than the obvious of quitting. Thanks

    • Hair test ,meaning good job and good $
      So the picture … you smoke, your body metabolize weed to THC ,whit the blood some THC go out with the urine, sweat ,etc.. some are deposited into the body fat cells, hair follicles, etc.. THC in the hair follicle get inserted into the core (Cortex) of the hair shaft , this is firs 1,5-2 inches close to the scalp (skin) and its trapped permanently or until you cut your hair.
      Now, the standard hair follicle screen requires 40+ milligrams of hair ( approx 50 – 90 strands ) that are around 1.5 inches in length and covers a period of approx90 days (each 0.5 inches = 30 days).
      But THC in the fats get out when your metabolism breaks down these fats and they enter the blood stream ,blood absorbs wastes, send out some of the THC and re-deposit some into the hair.
      So don’t try to shave your head, its a red flag and they can use body hair (detection time its longer- for up to 1 year ). Plus your metabolic system needs to be clean so the “new” grow up hair to be clean.
      To pass this..check out my source and call for consultation, they can help you . Also you can search for Cortex cleanser products, don’t spend money for masking products, Labs pre- wash the samples.
      And you have time before the real test so I will suggest to you order online home self-collection type of hair test, to be sure the product you pick work.

  4. I smoked 1 gram of marijuana day for the last 5yrs. How long would it take to leave my system?
    I’ve smoking marijuana on a daily basis for the past six years. I have to quit because of my future employeers requires random drug testing. I have approximately three to twelve months to prepare for a test and the testing is done through hair sampling. How long would for the THC in my body and hair follicles

    • At least thirty days for urine test. 6-12 months for a follicle test. Stay off the dope and drink lots of water and juices to clean your body out.

  5. How to get weed out of your hair?
    Okay so I smoke weed about every weekend and I have a hair follicle drug test August 13th and was wondering if you know any home made ways to get weed out of my hair, or if there are any shampoos that will remove THC that my parents wouldn’t know. Like it doesn’t say it will remove THC. I do know how to get it out of my urine but not my hair. Thanks! I really need help.

  6. Hair testing and good hair product that can help?
    I applied for a good job and they do a hair drug test. I need to cover some thc. I smoke about 4-5 times during past 80-90 days. I be tested in the next 1 or 2 weeks and seriously need to pass.Does anyone know good hair product that can help?

    thanks for any answers and please without the drug lecture.

    • THC are deposited into the follicle cells in the cortex (center of the hair strand) so you need cortex cleaner detox I used and recommend this web / hairtestingsolutions.com / but also you look at the head shops in your area or online.

  7. How do i pass a hair follicle drug test?
    Ok I have not smoked weed in about a month and 1/2. I am going to be starting a new job soon and my problym is that they will be doing a hair drug test after my probation period. That is either 3 or 6 months. I would like to hear from the people that have used some kind of product that takes the thc out of your hair. Im not interested in using bleach, dying, or shaving my hair. I dont care about stupid comments on how i shouldnt have been smoking weed. I just need to hear from those who have passed a hair test.

  8. How can I pass a hair folicle drug test 6 months from now without chemicals?
    I used to smoke weed everyday. If I shave ALL my hair say 2 months from now (when the THC is out of my body), will I pass a hair follicle drug test later on with the new hairs growing?

  9. Can damaging your hair, with chemicals and use of other hair products interfere with a hair follicle test?
    I had to take a hair follicle test for a job I’m about to get, and I use chemicals to straighten my hair and some other stuff afterwords. Will this have any effect on my hair follicle test? In a positive way?

    • If you have been using drugs, the test will still show the THC.
      Perhaps drug use and job searching to not mesh well.

      I wish you the wisdom to make the right choices in life.

  10. How long can THC stay in your system?
    Just in case of a drug test. I’m 5’11, 135 pounds, skinny, fast metabolism, smoked weed only once (5 hits). How long can the THC stay in my urine, blood and hair follicles?

    • Marijuana has a half-life in your system. How long it takes to leave your system depends on how much you smoke. But the time maxes out at around 45 days. One smoking session for someone with a clean system takes about 3-4 days to be clean. Smoke 2 days later and then have to wait about a week, and so on. The time it will take roughly doubles every time you smoke until it maxes at about 45 days to be clean. So if you are maxed out and you wait about 2 weeks and then smoke again, you’re basically back to 45 days.
      Marijuana can be detected in urine for nearly a week after smoking. Blood tests can be more accurate, and it might take a month to be totally clear. Hair tests show every drug ever taken when that hair was growing – this is why you see so many drug addicts with shaved heads or buzz cuts, by the way. Also by the way: taking laxatives and drinking wacky chemicals won’t “cheat” a drug test. It will just make you go to the bathroom! These drug tests are designed by experts who anticipate what the drug user might do.

      Be very careful of “remedies” for getting around drug tests. They flat out do not work and could do damage to your body.

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