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  1. How do you clean weed out of your system fast?
    How can you clean pot from your system quickly? I’ve heard of some stuff you can buy at GNC, but what is it? Is there anything else you can do/use that will help you pass a drug test whether it’s a urine test or a saliva test?
    OMG…you shoot-up bleach????
    That’s crazy!!!

    • Drink lot’s of tea and real berry fruit juices like cranberry and cherry. Lot’s of anti-oxidants and pissing usually will clean your system.

  2. How long does it take for THC to leave the body?
    I took a few hits off my sister’s pipe around the beginning of October, and haven’t touched weed since. I have a urine drug test coming up in the next few weeks or so, and wanted to know if traces of weed will still be in there. I’m 5’6” and 109 lbs.

    • a few hits will leave you in a few days. if you smoke regularly, about a month tops. you are skinny (thc stays in adipose tissue). you can sweat it out or drink water to get rid of thc. i used to smoke a lot, if you are thin and drink water every day, you will be clean in a week. you will be clean for a urine test in a month no problem. hair test can last up to 6 months, but a few hits will not test negative. if u are worried, you can buy a few practice urine tests for about 10 dollars. 5’6 110 will be clear in a week easy. test urself if you are worried. u can also spend 40 bux at gnc and buy a cleanser. dont use your first pee, and you are good for 8 hours. u r fine, but i just wanted to tell you ur options.

  3. How do I pass a drug test for Marijuana.?
    I have a job interview in a few days, and they take urine test. I really need this job,please help. It would mean a lot guys.

    • If you don’t have time to clean out an you have to take a test you can ..
      Use clean friend urine and substitute .Mane thing is to be clean ,its good for 7-8 hours at room temp, a week refrigerated,keep it in an air tight container. Most testing places accept a 91-99 F temp range (look online for more tips … urine substitution method )
      Or mask over for a 3-5 hours . I recommend a web called drugtestfriend they have a phone counselor to help you step by step or answer your questions. Also you can call ahead of time for free personal consultation or info.They take into consideration your body size, how much & often you smoke, type of test , etc… If you need to use same day detox i recommend gnc herbal clean q carbo (pick one made for your body size and level of usage ) to insure your chances of success with Q or any other detox.. you need to be hydrated good (all detoxes directions listed drinking allot of water days prior ) and 2-3 or more days abstains .
      good luck

  4. How accurate is a cocaine urine test from Walgreen compared to a laboratory setting?
    I need to make sure I pee clean for tomorrow, but only have access to a Walgreens quality test. Any suggestions for best tests?

    • Laboratory tests are far more accurate than tests you will find at Walgreens.

      However I do have a few tips:

      1. Masking drinks typically work ( the kind you can find at GNC or possibly even Walgreens ). In my experience The ones which last for 6 or more hours are best, however these require you to know when you will be dropping.

      2. Unless you have been using cocaine habitually for 6+ months, taking a 2 or 3 day break (meaning no cocaine whatsoever) will allow you to drop clean.

      Stop using cocaine altogether regardless of the result of your test. I can say (again from experience) that its effects are far more detrimental than fun or beneficial. It is just a fact that there are better and less addictive recreational drugs out there.

      To this day ( 10+ years after the fact) I have a hole high in my septum and my sinuses constantly drip–I must blow my nose every 10-15 minutes for THE REST OF MY LIFE. Every morning when I sit up out of bed it is as though someone has poured a bottle of water out of my nose.

      Not fun, let me assure you.

    • well there are a few possiblilities, you can go to places like gnc or health food places and get a detox drink, but when you use those you want to make sure your clean from any intoxicants for a few days before the urine test or it will not work……you have to drink lots and lots of water and piss regularly……..ive also heard of niacin working to if you take a few pills aday fpr a few days before the test…..you have to becareful not to take to many though………but the best way is to just stay clean………..basically drink lots of water take some sort of detox drink the day of the test and avoid whatever will cause you to fail for at least a few days

  5. How long will marijuana stay in my system?
    I have just recently smoked marijuana two weeks ago for the first time ever. I did it for the second time yesterday. I am 5’9″ 210 lbs. How long will it take for it to not show up on a drug test. I am trying to get a job and they do a urine test.

    • It might be best for you to wait @ least 3O days b4 doing the urine test. or go to gnc store and get something that cleans your urine but it only works for a couple hours and is not always promising

  6. What do you take to get Marijuana out of your system quickly?
    I have a friend who is scheduled to take a urine test soon and needs to know the names of some products to take to flush his system out quickly of THC. Also please add where you can purchase the product. Thanks for your help.

    • Yea, there’s a couple of things that you can do…try running or swimming, anything cardio, and then go sweat…either with more workout or in a steam room. The cardio workout will get your blood flowing and make it easier for your body to release the THC that’s stored in your body.

      Drink a lot of water and citrus juices, mostly cranberry. Be careful with the water, too much too soon is bad for you.

      You can get concentrated cranberry pills at Walgreens, women take them for urinary tract infections…they will help cleanse the body. Take a handfull in the morning and then another handfull at night. They’re about $8 for a bottle

      At GNC you can get some Niacin for about $10…be careful with this stuff thou, it can cause nasty temporary flushing (it looks like a rash over your whole body) and you need to watch your dosage with this stuff. But the pills clean your fat cells (which is where THC is stored)

      You can also get bottles of Flush (or similar products) from GNC for about $50. This stuff is expensive but it works.

      And finally, TIME. The best way to remove it is with time. The less you smoke the shorter it stays in your system. The longer you smoke, the more it stores up.

  7. What is the best way to hide THC in a drug test?
    I am applying for a corporate internship, I am a regular user of marijuana and I might have an interview coming up which will drug test me. The interview came a lot earlier than expected, how should i proceed?
    I know that quitting is the best choice but that alone won’t fit the time constraint.

    • Find out what type of test …urine , hair , saliva, etc…
      Saliva test- no standards for detection , approximately detection period – usually1-3 days, possible up to 8-10 days.So 5-10 days abstinence or Saliva detox (masking) – online, head shops, some vitamin stores.
      Hair test- if you apply for good position you may be hair tested. Low cut off levels for detection, long detection period – approx. 90 days. To pass you need cortex cleanser not masking shampoos (labs pre clean the hair and this remove masking type of products for passing ).
      Urine test – detection period for regular user can be from 2-3 weeks up to 6-10 weeks , depending on amount and quality you use, body type and physical activity, testing level , etc..
      You can use “urine substitution” from clean friend or synthetic. Look online for correct temperature (maine factor) and how to do it.
      Urine detox drinks (masking) again from GNC, head shops, online. Look for same day type of detox ( Q carbo,Stinger ,etc..) ,you drink it 2-3 hours before testing and should mask for 3-5 hours . Factors that increase or decrease detoxes effectiveness are abstain period,weed quality and THC build up , body hydration.Or company like urinetestsolutions.com … they can teach you how to pass using products available in most stores and you have phone counselor to help you with it.Also you can call for free consultation and they help for this 3 types of drug tests.
      Dilution ( with water & vitamins, diuretics, etc..) is not a good option for regular user or lab testing (labs check for creatine, gravity, ph, etc.. )

  8. Tomorrow I have a chance of a urine test. What is the best way to get a clean sample?
    Tomorrow, 9:30AM. I have a possible drug test. Clear urine is automatic failure. What is one sure fire way that I can give a clean sample? I have no access to a GNC or CVS, so any vitamins are out of the question. Thanks!

    • Not doing drugs is a good way to ensure a clean urine test.

      I’ve heard that drinking bleach helps too, but you have to drink a lot to clean up your urine.

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