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  1. Will total eclipse assure detox drink help to pass drug test?
    I smoked meth and need to take an important drug test within thirteen hours will the total eclipse assure detox drink help me pass the drug test by then? When will be the right time to start drinking it recommend to pass the drug test?

  2. what drugs are looked for in a drug test?
    I have to take this drug test for a job but im worried. i have smoke this thing call “spice” a few days ago with a group of friends. it’s not an illegal drug, it was bought from a gas station. but i don’t know if it will be detected in my system and cause me to not get the job. other than weed, is there any other drug that can cause someone to not get a job?

  3. How can I get detox my body of methh?
    by 12 at noon tomarrow.
    im sixteen and i snorted two long lines of crystal meth around 2:00 am last night
    what can i do to get rid of it before i meet up my new p.o. because
    he might drug test me.

    does eating helP?
    i have a fever, is it in any way associated with the meth i snorted earlier?


  4. How do pass a urine drug test probation?
    I am on probation i know its not good to be asking this and that abstaining from it is the best option. But i have a meeting with my PO on thursday and smoked two weeks ago any ideas on passing a urine screen with my own urine and not using a detox drink? thanks for your help!

    • I hope you’re smoking marijuana and not crystal meth, that shit is crazy. But I’m not gonna bag on you for that like most of these douches since you came here to get a question solved (I’m going to assume that you were smoking marijuana in the following):

      Urine drug tests are quite possibly the easiest drug tests to pass. My cousins and friends have done it many times before and it only takes 3-4 days.

      First, to get rid of any standing THC in your bloodstream, you drink lots of water, but make sure not to reach 2 gallons a day or you will suffer hyponatremia (electrolyte imbalance). This rarely ever happens though unless you’re a complete idiot and can’t seem to register the fact that your brain is swelling from over-hydration. Important to this is also getting that water out with any impurities through sweating (I recommend sauna & treadmill) & urination. This process done for 2-3 days should remove any standing THC in the bloodstream.

      Usually, as a safety measure, this is the next step some of my friends have done, but my cousin passed his test by only doing the above. Drink lots of water before your test since urine collected in the morning is the most concentrated. This will dilute your urine and make any released THC (from fat cells since THC is fat-soluble) be minimal if not undetectable. Most drug testing facilities have standards, as in the urine must not be clear since it’s a sign of attempted dilution. To fix this, my friends will either take a B vitamin, or drink anything rich in B vitamins like Red Bull/Monster/Full Throttle since it colors urine yellow.

      Congratulations, you’ve just passed your drug test. Happy 420.

  5. What is the best product that works for passing a drug screen test?
    I need to buy a kit that will make it so the meth won’t show up on a pee test.Its a life or death situation if it shows up I could lose everything.I’ll never do it again but need something now that will take care of this crisis I find myself in.

    • I was on similar situation before 1 month. I try detox, also all well known home remedies, but nothing works. So a friend of mine who is on probation and also heavy smoker recommend me one site which he use – drugtestfriend.com. They have a free consultation line too. I called the counselor and he explains me everything. Than they give me one simple formula which I bought from the store and I do pass my test. I truly recommend you this site, I knew 3 people who passed their tests with this. Wish you luck

  6. What is the best system cleansing drink for passing a drug test?
    I purchased the Strip Cleansing Liquid from GNC but want to make sure it cleanes everything out. My drug test is in a couple days.

    I understand people may have negative comments and please hold them. I am just looking for information on what may work better or quicker. Any HELP would be appreciated. Thanks.
    I am cleansing out coke.

    • Anything from a health food store or smoke shop that says DETOX on the label should work fine. Drink lots of water and pee alot the day of and the day before your drug test. Drink at least a gallon of water after u drink the detox. Beware that detox doesn’t work on hardcore drugs like meth..

  7. How do you pass a drug test in one week and what is Orange County Jail like?
    I am currently on informal probation for meth related charges stemming from an arrest last October. I just turned 18 this month. My probation officer called recently and wants a urine test from me by May 23. I have not used Meth for about a month or two but I have been smoking weed heavily with the exception of the last two days. Can I beat this urine test without a whizzinator? (My pants will be around my ankles)

    What detox methods are effective? I’m pretty sure that all the cranberry pill/charcoal pill/milk thistle stuff is bullshit, but is there anything out there that can help me or am I fuked.

    Also, if I can’t pass I will most likely be taking a little trip down to Orange County Jail. Does anyone have any inforamtion on how to have a problem-free stay. I am 18, 170-180 pounds, not very aggressive (but I will defend myself if I am in real danger) and not an ugly dude. I heard that the rape stuff is also bullshit but how can I be sure? Please tell me whatever you can.

    • My daughter was in East LA when her boyfriend decided to thump her around. The police were very enthusiatic about arresting a puke beating on a pregnant woman. I think he came out with his butt intact, but don’t plan on eating much. The big dudes grab 2 or 3 chow trays and the guards don’t give a dang. Get off the crap and drink lots of tea. Those cleaners are for casual users, and rarely work when it counts. Maybe check into detox and admit to a relapse. Sometimes they have a little mercy if you look like you are trying to do something.

  8. Can ingesting baking soda detox your body of amphetamines and thc?
    I have a drug test in 2 days what can i do?

    • If this is a test your parents are giving you or the school MAYBE. Put if it goes to a Toxicology Lab-NO. It will show that your urine has been altered. I have been a counselor for over 25 yrs and a Parole officer for over 9 yrs. Not only will you get a violation for drugs but for altering the urinalysis. Meth is in your system on good test for 3-4 days, depending on how much and how often you use. Marijuana is in your system, even if you consider yourself a “social Marijuana user” What can you do? is step up to the plate, get honest and get treatment, after owning all the drugs you have been using. Treatment is an option I realize that you are aware that methamphetamine will KILL you. Now is the time to take care of the addiction. It will not be easy, but it is the best for you, your family and your loved ones. Trust me I know getting clean is like giving up your long time friend and can not imagine life without it. I have been clean for 28+ yrs and there is so much more out there.Give Recovery a one year hard effort. Trust me if at the one year you cn always go back to the using. The drug dealer will be still selling it But for the sake of those that really care about give you. Give it your best effort. I would be honored to take to you about recovery. Read my profile and consider IM or emailing me and lets chat. God Bless ReggieR

  9. What type of drug testing does smart and final use?
    Just found out that I’m going to be drug tested when I come in for the interview. I have about 5 days before the test and I just smoked a day ago so I’m trying to figure out what type of test they employ so that I can figure out how hard I need to detox. Thanks for your help.

    • Different companies use different drug screening. Best tip: since weed stays in you system for 30 days (just after a few bowls), don’t smoke.

      Some companies test for just opiates, benzoids and THC, others go so far as to test for GBH (forget initials) to see how much booze you drink (and that test is ridiculously inaccurate.)

      My advice: drink lots of water now and TONS day of test. Then there would be relatively low, if any, detectable, THC in your system (and if they are smart and LEGAL) they will ask you and you say “yeah, over the holiday I was at a family gathering and some of my uncles and aunts were smoking for “old times sakes.”

      You could try some things at GNC, but be careful: many don’t work and lots are actually harmful AND people also test for those.

      Please: pot is so much less harmful than Valium, booze and surely shouldn’t be treated like coke, meth or opiates. Let’s just make it legal and get a thriving business booming in US!!!

      As far as “gateway drug,” how about we take it out of the hands of “dealers” and put it into the hands of industry: most people move on from weed to other drugs not because of Reefer Madness but just because the people selling them weed want to make more money by selling them higher priced drugs… ANSWER: LOTS.

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