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  1. Can you tell the difference between adult and infant pee to pass a drug test for a job. If both were same sex?
    have a chance for a great job but smoke marijuana and need to pass a drug test can he they tell the diffrence between adult and infant urine if both the same gender. I know it sound very bad but if i got the job whould help me and daughter. Dont know ANY clean females. Or can they tell from male and female if its just a drug test for a job?

    • They don’t do any DNA testing on urine, so the sex of the, uh, donor doesn’t matter. I agree that infant pee might have a different chemical makeup. Those drug tests are very sensitive.

      However, your main concern would be (besides collecting it ewww) the substitution. Most piss tests are monitored somewhat. They stand outside the stall to make sure that you are urinating instead of pouring something into the jar. You cannot bring anything into the stall. MOST IMPORTANTLY, they check the temperature of the sample. It’s hard to keep a smuggled bag of urine at body temperature.

      There are much better options. If you have a week or so, do some sweaty workouts. THC is stored in your fatty cells for up to thirty days as I’m sure you know. Like any other toxin, a good sweat will help flush it out. Go sit in a sauna. You should also drink an assload of water between now and the test.

      Finally, you should go to GNC or a vitamin store to get an herbal cleanser. They have stuff for piss tests. Start one as soon as possible. There is also a good one that you do the day of the test. You make a huge vat of tea and drink all of it plus water. You feel like you’re going to explode, but it’s worth it. When they ask if you’ve drank anything, say you worked out in the morning but haven’t had any water since then. Best case, you pass because the water masks the THC. Worst case, your urine sample will come back rejected for being too diluted. You almost always get to re-test. When they ask why it was dilute, you say, “Oh, gee whiz. Maybe I drank too much water after my workout.” You then buy a few precious days before the next test.

      Good luck. I think that it sucks that hard drugs leave the system in a few days, but pot stays around for 30. Who would make a better worker? A coke fiend or a recreational pot user?

  2. How to pass random drug tests and still smoke ganja?
    I love to smoke the ganj. I cannot help it. I don’t want to hear any criticism but I have random drug testing at my work which gives me no time to clean my system and I don’t want to have to quit smoking or my job. I work in a freezer so I’m not sure if putting synthetic urine under my nut sack will work. Does anybody know a way to always stay clean and smoke weed or am I gonna have to live a lame stressful life like everybody else?

    • Invest in small digital thermometer & hand warmers and start practice with some warm water/ your urine maintaining the right temp .. you may consider using a money belt and hand warmers or check the temp under your sack before and after shift . In general human urine comes out of the body at 37 degrees C/ or 98.6 F and most places accept a 91-99 F temp range. Better use clean friend not synthetic (some brands are detectable) its good for 7-8 hours room temp, a week refrigerated and for 2-3 monts in the freezer (keep it in an air tight container). Also check out this web drugtestfriend I use a hair program ( my company hair test randomly + test before every major project i consult for) and you can call ahead of time for free consultation or info.they cover urine 7 saliva tests also. If you need to use same day detox i recommend gnc herbal clean q carbo (pick one made for your body size and level of usage ) to insure your chances of success with Q or any detox..proper hydration (all detoxes directions listed drinking allot of water days prior ) and 2-3 or more days abstains .
      Other then this is your lifestyle and the key to keep thc levels low (or body detoxification) is physical activity, proper hydration and good nutritional intake … Im on the heavy side (genetically), daily smoker and if I need to I can clean down for urine test in 7 days ….but I exercise at least 2 hours /3 times per week ( not only for fat burning but this affects the metabolic rate /resting metabolic rate ) , invest in good daily multivitamins and supplements (at least) ,drink allot of water (minimum daily amount is half of your body weight in ounces ,for example 60 oz daily if you are 120 lb ) and bunch of thc home test & S.V.T. test strips . So when I need to clean down (btw even hair tested i still do this before every test … just in case if they decide to run urine check ) I increase the water intake, increase and concentrate on fat burning daily for 5-6 days (high- and low-intensity exercises … low- can be sustained for longer and burns a higher % of fat from total, high- “afterburn” effect and less time if you have a limited workout window) , skip to vitamins B3, B12 and C (helps for fat burning, creatinine and C is antioxidant ) , cut the bad carbs (sweets, soda,alcohol,etc..) and limit the fat foods … lay back for 1-2 days (time for any restored in the past days to get out also afterburn can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 12 and more hours) and some home testing.

  3. What is the best way to hide THC in a drug test?
    I am applying for a corporate internship, I am a regular user of marijuana and I might have an interview coming up which will drug test me. The interview came a lot earlier than expected, how should i proceed?
    I know that quitting is the best choice but that alone won’t fit the time constraint.

    • Find out what type of test …urine , hair , saliva, etc…
      Saliva test- no standards for detection , approximately detection period – usually1-3 days, possible up to 8-10 days.So 5-10 days abstinence or Saliva detox (masking) – online, head shops, some vitamin stores.
      Hair test- if you apply for good position you may be hair tested. Low cut off levels for detection, long detection period – approx. 90 days. To pass you need cortex cleanser not masking shampoos (labs pre clean the hair and this remove masking type of products for passing ).
      Urine test – detection period for regular user can be from 2-3 weeks up to 6-10 weeks , depending on amount and quality you use, body type and physical activity, testing level , etc..
      You can use “urine substitution” from clean friend or synthetic. Look online for correct temperature (maine factor) and how to do it.
      Urine detox drinks (masking) again from GNC, head shops, online. Look for same day type of detox ( Q carbo,Stinger ,etc..) ,you drink it 2-3 hours before testing and should mask for 3-5 hours . Factors that increase or decrease detoxes effectiveness are abstain period,weed quality and THC build up , body hydration.Or company like urinetestsolutions.com … they can teach you how to pass using products available in most stores and you have phone counselor to help you with it.Also you can call for free consultation and they help for this 3 types of drug tests.
      Dilution ( with water & vitamins, diuretics, etc..) is not a good option for regular user or lab testing (labs check for creatine, gravity, ph, etc.. )

  4. What methods can be used to pass a drug test, without ordering online kits?
    If you had to take a drug test in 6 days, and you were not clean, what steps could you take, besides buying products online?

    • Go to a health food store (NOT gnc) and ask for a cleanser. “The Stuff” works pretty good, but there’s a lot out there. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!

  5. How long will a Lortab stay in your system for a drug screen?
    I gave my girlfriend half of one of my 7.5mg Lortabs, and she got called by an employer for a job and they want her to take a drug test tomorrow. Also if she took some of those system cleaner you can get at GNC would that help her pass it?

    • actuall odds are huge that it will not come up at all. most tests only cover codiene morphine heroin and demerol. unless it is an extended profile she will be fine now. as far as opiates.

  6. What cleansing or diet pills can I take to help me pass a drug test?
    I heard of cleansing pills that are sold in places like GNC. What are they called? Are there any specific brands? I’m pretty sure I can’t go in the store and asked for drug cleansing pills. I’m already drinking a shit load of cranberry juice. How much should i try to drink? I’m thinking two 64oz jugs? What can I do to pass my drug test for jobs. I’m a heavier guy so it will be a little longer to get out of my system right?

    • Wrong. If you’re talking weed, a regular smoker will take a minimum of a MONTH of no smoking to be clean. Detox “potions” don’t work.

  7. How to past a drug test in week?
    I have a drug test next weed for la city and i really need to pass it. The last time i used marijuana was November 29th, a week and a half ago. If anyone can give me any suggestions that would be great, preferably ones that you have personal tried and that worked.

    • How much did you smoke ? Your BMI or weigh? etc..
      First test yourself using THC home test you might be clean. Don’tt use those Strip Drinks that you buy in head shops or GNC they just give you a small chance of passing.Check also a site called drugtestfriend.com
      I used there services( have to take a test every month for probation and have passed all 6 so far ).
      good luck

      PS this site I mentioned has a live person and a phone number to call them so you should

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