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  1. is second hand marijuana smoke enough to cause a failed drug test?
    so i sit in my friends basement on the weekends, the basements abt the size of a single bedroom apartment. we usually stay down there for lik 3 or 4 hours and they smoke 5-6 blunts. can i fail a drug test due to that?

    • Johnny I…..

      First of all, they do NOT test for Drugs…They test for what is called “Metabolites”

      Know detection periods for the Drugs you are using..For example, Alcohol is detectible for 12-24 Hours after Consumption….

      Marijuana can stay in the System anywhere between 2-3 Days to 12 Weeks, depending on the frequency of use, the weight of that person, their metabolism rate, etc….The threshold for you to pass this test needs to be below 50 nanograms of metabolites per milliliter…

      Try to take the Test as Late as possible…You should take no less than 7 days to prepare for a Drug Test….

      If you don’t have the time, the CHEAPEST way is to get someone else’s clean urine (make sure that it is between 90-100 degrees Celsius if you give this sample to the tester)….

      The EXPENSIVE way is to buy some of the kits…..The problem with some of these kits is that they will help you MASK these toxins and metabolites for so many Hours….You need to make sure you have good timing in terms of when you take these detox drinks and what time you are supposed to take the Test….

      The EASIEST way to pass any drug test is to NOT do drugs, but alot of people at Yahoo Q and A do, and for people to ignore this situation and to not help their Yahoo Brothers and Sisters Out is WRONG!!

      The HEALTHIEST way is to use a Colon Cleansing System from GNC or some other Store for the 7 days (actually every Season, 4 times a year)….You need to stop taking Drugs and Hanging around People who do during this period for this to work!!!…Not only will your Urine will be clean, but also your Colon, plus you will feel like you lost 20 pounds off your shoulder (after only a couple of Days!!)….This to me is Better than some of the detox-drinks because you are getting RID OF most of the toxins and metabolites in your body, NOT masking them for a certain time period…Then test your own Urine yourself with some type of THC home drug test kit that you may be able to get in a Drug Store (you will be able to purchase it Online)

      The best links on the subject are below..These people are the Experts on this situation…I Just know the Basics…

      http://www.how-to-pass-adrug-test.org (A Free E-Book)

      I hope this all Helps (Which It Will……)

  2. Will drinking a lot of water help me pass my drug test ?
    I have not smoked weed in over 3 months. I used to smoke daily, a joint or maybe two a day. I smoked a joint last Friday, and now I have a drug test coming up this Friday. So a total of 6 and a half days since I smoked. Will drinking a lot of water help me pass ? I heard marijuana stays in your system for 5 days if your not a frequent user and have little body fat. I am fairly skinny. 5’10 155 Pounds and 22 years old. I just want to make sure Im in the clear. Any tips to help increase my chances of passing ?

    • First with 3 months abstinence you can count last friday for single usage (detection time for urine test is 1-2 to 3-5 days ) so 6 days is safe period and I think you will pass but better take a home test thursday or friday (thc home test kit you will find at any pharmacy ). Second, body hydration (by drinking proper amount of water daily .. at leas half of your body weight in ounces of water a day or 75-80 oz for your weight) its main factor for any detoxification .. drugs or other toxins .So yes drinking water helps but massive amounts 2-3 days prior testing can show up dilution and depending on the reason for testing you can be retested, other type of drug tested, fail ( many companies doesn’t pay for retesting and move on to the next applicant if its test for a job)… don’t go over a gallon per day and start taking B12 vitamin (help for creatinine and add color) B complex or even daily multivitamins. Allot of red meat helps for creatinine levels also. … any lab test include check for proper urine temperature, ph, specific gravity,creatin.

      Now if you fail the home test … consider using urine substitution (look for this method online and start practice),check a head of time the web called drugtestfriend & call for free consultation . They cover my hair tests ( can help for urine or saliva tests too) or masking drink/ same day detox like gnc herbal clean q carbo.

  3. How long does it take to get marijuana out of your system?
    I heard it’s like a month. Are they any ways to get it out faster? My husband smoked some with a neighbor maybe a week or two ago, but wants to take a drug test for a new job? Anything will help?

    • Im assuming your husband does not smoke very often so in short: hes clean
      Lets start from ground 0 with a 100% clean body:
      If you smoke once or twice, it will take maybe a week to clean out
      if you smoke for a whole month, its gonna take another month to clean out
      Keep in mind metabolism- Im smaller than average and am fit- I clean out quickly as I have a high metabolism.
      Ways to speed up clean process: Buy a full body detox kit from GNC or related store. Exercise, drink lots of water, coffee, cranberry juice to promote flushing. Innactivity is a killer.
      Next time, keep a tighter leash on your husband ;) haha but not really.

  4. How long will marijuana stay in my system?
    Since April 30th, I’ve smoked about 4 times, the last time being last weekend (June 18th). How long the THC stay in my system? I need to schedule a drug test for this job I got. What detox drinks work? I got the GNC detox kit, but apparently it won’t help me?
    I exercise about 5 days a week too
    I weight about 105 pounds with pretty fast metabolism

    • The answer is in the exact frequency of intake!
      Lol – that was JUST this last weekend! Smoked Friday?
      What kind of drug test? When did you smoke before that?

      I’m gonna hook you up!! The above questions are important as is the below info meant also for future inquiring minds – ’cause I’m tired of seeing this same ‘ol question.
      For a pee test if abstained for 5 whole complete days (ain’t lying to our-self *) before smoking this past Friday then Tuesday (tomorrow) – Clean!! * Based on saying this is a 4th time so I spread it out.

      To help – you and this community – and hope people search before ASKing:
      The answer is in the exact frequency, being truthful with the last date smoked and prior use!!
      Doesn’t matter the # of hits, exercise schedule, metabolism (heavy does matter if you smoke everyday), height and weight or even the grade of marijuana. A drug store OTC test can set the mind at ease. Marijuana has a ‘half life’ and every metabolism is slightly different.
      Any use in a day takes on average 3 full days after to clear. Intake before that 3 days is over and it becomes 6 full days of no use until clean. Detox drinks work for people who are already clean and have read up on how to provide a drug test urine sample.

  5. How to Pass a Drug Test in One Week?
    I have to take a drug test for my job in one week and unfortunately, I have smoked a lot of marijuana recently. I don’t trust those GNC detox drinks/pills, so I am wondering… How can I flush out my system of the THC and pass my drug test with only one week to prepare? I know that height and weight affect it, so I am 5’6″ female and 125 lbs. Please Help! THANKS! :]

    • assuming urine drug test …and how recently you smoked for the past 25-35 days,plus quality of the weed , this are important factors also.
      1* The natural way- THC is stored in fat cells so the best thing to do would be exercising ,sauna and drink large amount of water per day to keep your body properly hydrated. I will suggest on daily base Creatin supplements because if its a Lab test they validate a urine sample by checking the Creatinine level, low level indicate diluted urine. Also B3 vitamin (niacin) daily for next 5 days, helps for fat burning, but careful ,large dosages cause problems.
      Also low carbo diet will help allot and your body will start to burn fat tissues reserve . Stop exercising and taking niacin 2-3 days before the real test, your body need time to move out restored THC and home drug test your self. Test kit you can buy from any pharmacy or order online and have on mind the first morning urine have the highest concentration.
      2* find clean friend to pee for you and use substitute method
      3* “detox” if you decide to use this option I will recommend you this website and their phone counselor

  6. What methods can be used to pass a drug test, without ordering online kits?
    If you had to take a drug test in 6 days, and you were not clean, what steps could you take, besides buying products online?

    • Go to a health food store (NOT gnc) and ask for a cleanser. “The Stuff” works pretty good, but there’s a lot out there. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!

  7. How long does it take for marijuana to leave your system? And what can I do to cleanse myself?
    I have a drug test coming up soon, and I need to make sure I pass it. How long does it stay in your system, or what can I do to get it out of my system? please, don’t be ignorant. thank you

    • it depends on how much you smoke. if you smoke daily it takes up to 5 weeks for it to leave your system. if you dont smoke every couple of days it will about 3 weeks. if you smoke once in a while it wont take much more than a week to leave your system. to get it out of your system you can drink a shit load of fluids to flush your system, or if you got the money you can buy a 1, 3, or 7 day kit that flushes your system out. you can find these online or the only other place i know to get them is GNC, but any other suppliment/health place should carry some type of system flushing system. they can find any drug you’ve ever taken through your hair folicles, so if its a hair test, your screwed, but almost no places do hair tests since they cost way more than pee tests. hope this helps.

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