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  1. How do you overcome a failed DOT drug test and get back to work?
    Failed test in Dec. 2005 for meth, went to be evaluated, did drug counseling and AA and was required to pass 6 radom UA’s in one year and three months of work. Did really well staying away from meth until Pusher (oilfield term) started pushing to me while working away from home. Passed 4 random drug test failed drug test in Dec. 2006 that was not a DOT but had not completed testing program recommended by DOT evaluator. I have been clean since.

    • Look bro the first thing is to stay strong and stay of the shit.(easier said than done) But wherever you go get a job they cant ask why you got fired, they can only ask if u were a good or bad worker. Now understand what im saying is the place you are going for the job can only ask those compaines these questions. But they can ask you why you got fired be truefull but don’t tell them everthing use your head bro. STAY STRONG

  2. How are UAs fair when cocaine, crack, meth can clear your urine in 2 days, but pot doesn’t?
    How come an employer can drug test an employee for meth/cocaine/crack which only stay in the urine for a day or 2 and the employee will pass the UA, but if a pot user gets tested and hasn’t used in 2 days he fails. Meth/crack/cocaine are all so very more horrible than pot. How is this fair? just? legal?

  3. How long can meth be detected in a at home urine test?
    I am 25 5 foot 6 inches 165 pounds I smoked some meth. Very stupid but I was crazy drunk. I had several hits and I have a at home ua in 7 days. I have been drinking 120 oz’s of water a day and cranberry. Should I pass the at home ua for meth?

    • It stays in your system long when you don’t eat or drink.
      Drinking all that water.The meth should all be out of you in 3 days most.Peeing a lot=good sign.

  4. how much vinegar should I drink to passa ua?
    I tested positive for meth so I went home, drank carbo cleanse, drank 7 shots of vinegar and about a gallon of water. I was tested again the next day after another half gallon of water and 32 oz of coffee. what are my chances of passing?

    • meth should of cleared out of your system all ready. Its a better idea not to do meth dude. That stuff is killing you big time. Same ingredients as rat poison….

  5. If i smoked 2 grams of meth over a 3 day period how long does it take to get out of my system. ?
    I think i will have a ua in 3 days will i be ok?

    • If you mean the immediate effects usually about a day or two.
      If you mean to pass a urine test the metabolites that are measured to not leave your system for about one month.
      Meth does tend to have some permanent effects on your brain.
      Serotonin is used up and your glands have to replace it to proper levels.
      You hypo-campus (part of your brain that has to do with higher reasoning) shrinks.

      If the use stops after just a few times there is an excellent chance of recovery within a few weeks. Long term use the damage is permanent.

  6. How long does 2 grams of meth take to get out of a persons system?
    Im 5’8″ and weigh 200 lbs. Im on thr chibbt side. Ive smoked that much over a 3 day period and i have a ua in 3 days will i pass and is there anything i can do to speed up the detox proccess?

    • I urge you to seek help rather than try and beat this upcoming test.

      Is the UA because you are seeking a job or because you are already in some sort of substance abuse program?

  7. what can i do to flush esctasy from my system?
    i actually didn’t take that much..i only took half n im pretty short so the effect took on pretty fast but i mite take a drug test in 2 days..what can i do to flush it from my system so that it isn’t detected?..n how long does it stay in your system?

    he cant pass it he is dirty for meth. Is there away he can stay out of jail?

    • Depends on his probation officer, his relationship with him and whether or not he has any other violations. All probation violations have to be sent through by the probation officer. He can go in and try to cut a deal with him. But if he has been disrespectful to him or if they just don;t get along for some reason I would not expect much.

  9. What would be the best, and fastest way to flush your system so you can pass a UA for meth?
    I recently relapsed on meth, stupidest thing I could have done. I work at a care center where we get random UAs (no I did not go into my job under the influence) I would like to try to flush my system the best I can in case I get randomly chosen.

    • The only thing that will get meth out of your system is time.

      There is no quick fix.

      It takes meth 3-4 days to get out of your system.

      They do the tests because they don’t want drug affected people working in care centres. For a good reason.


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