What Is A Diluted Urine Drug Test

Cocaine is highly addictive drug of abuse. A recent NIDA survey stated that, approximately one in six Americans (15% in 2007), by the age of 30 tried cocaine. Cocaine directly affects brain and causes many health problems like heart attack, respiratory failure, strokes, and seizures. In some rare cases, sudden death can occur on the first use of cocaine.

Cocaine drug tests help people to examine their friends or family members and help them to stay away from abuse. The abuse can be detected by using urine, hair, or saliva drug testing methods. Cocaine can be detected for 3 days in urine, 90 days through hair and up to 2 to 3 days in saliva.

Urine Drug Testing:
The most common test to detect cocaine is urine test. Urine tests that detect cocaine are inexpensive and affordable. These tests can be done at home and they are intrusive in nature. Cocaine content can be detected for up to 3 days using urine tests and the recommended cut off level by SAMHSA is 150 ng/mL for initial test and 100 ng/mL for confirmation test.

Hair Drug Testing:
Hair drug tests to trace cocaine are highly reliable. Cocaine is usually traceable via hair drug screening for up to 90 days. Hair tests will work with any hair on the body, including facial hair and body hair. The SAMHSA recommended cut off values for hair testing are, 500 pg/mg for initial test and 500 pg/mg for confirmation test along with at least 10 times benzoylecgonine concentration or, the concentrations of cocaethylene or norcocaine should be greater than or equal to 50 pg/mg.

Saliva Drug Testing:
Detecting cocaine content using saliva is very quick and easy. This method is highly secured and difficult to adulterate. Sample of saliva is collected using a scrub and sent to testing. Results of saliva drug testing are almost instant. The recommended cut off values for saliva tests are 20 ng/mL for initial test and 8 ng/mL for confirmatory test.

Drug tests help to monitor people from cocaine abuse effectively. Now a days tamper proof kits are available, and labs usually do two tests of the sample, one is screening test and the other is confirmation test. These methods are quick, efficient, confidential, and reliable.

what is a diluted urine drug test

14 thoughts on “What Is A Diluted Urine Drug Test

  1. The best way to dilute urine for drug screen?
    What are some tips and tricks to dilute urine for a drug test?

    • If you dilute the sample with anything, they’ll catch it, and you’ll be screwed for trying to tamper with it

  2. How long will it take me to pass my drug test?
    I’m kinda curios to know how long it would take me to pass my drug test. I smoke weed once every week. Does anyone know how long it will take me to pass a urine drug test? I’m getting tested in about 2-3 weeks. I workout 4/7 days of the week, im 5’4 125 pounds, if that has to do with anything. Also if i ever smoke, i usually only do about 1-5 hits from a bowl.

    • A lot of people are hook up on drugs and they seem to find It extremely impossible to stay off such drugs, and when it comes to the issue of trying to pass a drug test, the first thing that comes to mind is the use of some Blockers, strippers, masking agents and spiking agents, all these drug test passing chemicals are available as OTC drugs which can be used in several ways to hide the through identity of a testing sample.

      While masking agents, blockers, strippers and spiking agents only work for urine and saliva drug tests, they do not offer any kind of help when it comes to drug hair tests, follicle hair test or hair strand tests, hence there are needs to make use of some conventional means of passing such tests.

      If you are going for an emergency drug test, you can make use of a dilution method in which you either use warm water or a solution like a green tea to dilute and reduce the concentration of the drug metabolite in your sample. Dilution may not b effective in passing any drug test that will be conducted after few hours or days because most companies will test for dilution and if the drug test is not conducted immediately, don’t bother to dilute, rather you should use a masking agent which will hide the presence of such metabolites.

  3. Can Gatorade dilute your urine for a drug test?
    NOTE: I’m not the one that needs to worry about this! My sisters boyfriend is taking a drug test tomorrow and has been drinking nothing but water these past 2 says and wants to know if you drink gatorade, will that help dilute your urine?
    I know I wont clear your system, but will it “mask” it?

    • Water, cranberry juice, and green tea will help you greatly.

      Niacin pills will clean you out.

      And take a Vitamin B12 pill before the test (it will make your pee yellow instead of clear due to all the liquids you will have consumed)

  4. how much water to dilute urine for drug test?
    This is for one of those BS at home drug tests. I have a fast metabolism and am very physically fit (I lift weights 4 times a week). I’m wondering how much water in how much time will I need to dilute the urine. Once again, this isn’t a lab test, it’s just one of those tests that just see whether or not there’s THC in whatever liquid you put in it. It’s not some crazy specific lab test. I’m expecting this test within the next few days. All help is appreciated.

    • The test may just show results that indicate “diluted”. That is what would happen in a real drug test. You cannot fake out the test.

  5. How long does weed take to not show up in urine drug tests?
    My doctors office has this new waiver that they are making every one sign if they are using controlled substances. The waiver states that if the test shows positive for anything that’s not supposed to be there then that person can not come back to see their doctor nor anyone at that facility.

    So, my urine drug test is on January 11th.
    I smoked weed on new years. will it be out of my system by then?

    • Okay when they give you a drug test they look for THC in your urine wich is the Natural chemical in marijuana that gets you high. It takes roughly about 30 to get out of you system. It is stored in your fat cells and the more body fat you have the longer it will take to get out of yoursystem. If you were to take a drug test some people try to do a system cleanse thinkin it will leave there system. THIS WILL NOT WORK!!! About a day or two befor the drug test drink a lot of water, the water will dilute your urine so the THC won’t show up. But if you do it this way take viamin B to make your urine yellow and so they wont expect that tou tried to dilute your urine. Also take creatine this is optional but if you want to be sure that they wont expect you diluted your urine it will help. If you ever get caught in a situation where you do a random drug test toilet water can be used as a quick way to dilute you urine. But if there is a temperature strip on the cup dont use too much water or it will mess with the temp. and they will know. If you follow this you should be fine, Good Luck!!

  6. What can you dilute your urine with to pass a drug test?
    I’m trying to decrease the chance of marijuana being found in my urine when I take a drug test for this job.

  7. How much do you have to drink for a drug test to show diluted urine?
    I have never been a drug user, but I am concerned about a recent pre-employment drug test I took. I think it may show that my urine is deluted. I get frequent UTI’s, so I try to always drink a lot of water and juice. I drank a 44 oz diet pop right before I went in to take the test, and didn’t even think about it because I am used to drinking a lot for the health of my urinary tract. When I gave my sample to the nurse, I noticed it looked really pale yellow. I’m totally freakin out!! Just how much do you have to drink to raise suspicion?

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