Diluted Urine Drug Test Probation

There are many misconceptions when it comes to the HCG diet, and one of the most misleading is what HCG is made of. To understand better why it is misunderstood, it is worth looking at what it actually is.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. It is a naturally occurring hormone that is made in early pregnancy by the fetus, and later by the placenta. Its purpose during pregnancy is to maintain other hormones-progesterone in particular, as well as regulating others and increasing your metabolic rate. It is excreted in the urine of pregnant women, and it is this that is detected in a pregnancy test and that shows that the woman is indeed pregnant.

For people who need to lose weight it is the metabolic effects that are desirable. The hormone acts upon the hypothalamus-a part of the brain that helps to regulate central nervous system functions, but also the autonomic (or involuntary) nervous system which regulates functions such as the metabolism. In this case, it increases the metabolism, causing the body to burn more fat, in order to release the calories within.

So what is HCG made of? It is a hormone that is produced naturally in the human body. It is available from two main sources-one is to harvest it from the urine of pregnant women, purify it and use it as needed. This though is not the case for most medically prescribed HCG. Instead, it is made in a laboratory, in sterile conditions.

The sterile conditions are maintained throughout production in order to ensure that when injected, the hormone will not cause adverse effects such as infections. There can be no bacteria or viruses within, nor any other contaminants that could make a person sick or cause other side effects.

The injection that the person receives on a daily basis consists of the hormone itself, which is a glycoprotein (a compound made of a glycan molecule and a protein). This normally comes in a powdered form which must be reconstituted with a solvent to the correct dosage.

Alternatively your HCG may come ready diluted, and pre-measured in a syringe. All that the nurse, (or you yourself if you are self administering) needs to do it fix the hypodermic needle to the syringe, and administer the dose.

Your injection may or may not also contain a daily dose of vitamin B12, which in and of itself can help to regulate the digestion. The hormone HCG and vitamin B12 do not react with each other, instead complimenting each other by having similar functions, but by working in different ways.

In all, your HCG injections is likely to be made of at least the HCG hormone in a solvent carrier that is used in order to make it injectable, and perhaps vitamin B12 as well. With only the purest of ingredients, all of which are prepared in sterile laboratory conditions, you can be sure that the HCG injection that you receive is as clean and pure as is possible.

diluted urine drug test probation

14 thoughts on “Diluted Urine Drug Test Probation

  1. Is it possible for someone to take something, possibly pill, just before a drug test to fake the reading?
    I believe someone is using drugs, but when I pop a drug test, they pass. Is it negative or are they taking something Just before the test?
    I am usually around just before the test. How far in advance does someone have to take a detox to make their reading negative?

    • All you need to do is dilute your urine by drinking ALOT of water, like a gallon within 12 hours of the test. this flushes your urinary system as well as dilutes your urine to the point of reading negative for all drugs.

      However, the tester ( nurse, mom, probation officer) will know it is diluted by looking at it. The magic cure for this is to take 2 multivitamins or a multivitamin and a b complex vitamin- this will give color & density to ur diluted urine.

      Buy a home test at a pharmacy and try. It works!

      You can drink like 2 quarts within 1 hour and it will work too – take the vitamins tho- don’t waste money on “system flush” pills if you read the ingredients they are just vitamins.

      FYI- I have completed many drug screens myself I am aware the specific gravity need to meet certain limits – that is what the multivitamin & B complex vitamin does- increases the specific gravity! I do no do drugs either but have seen many many potheads pass a drug screen- ! lol !

  2. Can anyone tell me the procedure for a hospital drug urine test? Does someone actually watch?
    I have to take a drug test tomorrow for employment and am a nervous wreck wondering what exactly the procedure is.
    I guess I should have been more clear. I meant does a nurse actually stay in the room.

    • Geeze people, she said a PRE-HIRE urine drug test, not labs! If they do it legally (which is just like the DOT version), they make you empty your pockets so you can’t sneak chemicals/ bags of urine/ etc. into the room. They’ll have the water turned off to the bathroom you go in (usually one in a lab), then put methalene blue dye (another color is acceptable, but I can’t remember which it is) in the toilet, so they can make sure you didn’t dip the cup in the toilet to dilute the pee. They’ll give you a cup with a thermometer strip stuck to the side (so they can make sure the pee is body tempurature), and send you in to “fill ‘er up”. You’re not allowed to flush or wash your hands until you bring the sample back out. You or the tech will pour the urine into 2 (sometimes 1) vials, then they’ll stick these sticker-seals over the vials (you have to watch this). You then initial the vials to say that that IS your urine. Then you can go flush & wash your hands.
      And no, no one stays in there with you (I think they can only LEGALLY do this if you’re taking a test because you’re on probation or parole!).
      Hope this helps!

  3. How long does weed stay in your system and what happens if the test results come back positive?
    I smoke rarely… we’re talking weed here. About once every once a week. for only the past month. everytime out of this killer bong. i want to know how long will it stay in my system, since i have a drug test coming up for work. i think the test (urine) is in about 2 weeks or so.

    also, lets say the results say i do have something in my system, what happens then? do i simply not get the job im applying for or do i can in trouble with the police?

    again, only smoke about once a week, for the past 4 weeks, out of a bong, weed is either kush, chronic, etc.


    • How long it stays in your system depends on how much and how frequently you smoke and how fit you are.

      THC stores itself in your fat cells, so the more fat cells you have, the longer it takes to leave the body. 30 days is standard, but it can vary.

      If you come back testing positive on a drug test as a condition of employment you will only be denied employment, the police are not involved.

      Oh, and don’t listen to these jamokes who tell you to drink a lot of water, all that does is dilute your urine and you will be asked to retest because they couldn’t get a read on it the first time.

      I used to be a probation officer, trust me when I tell you that nothing will stop you from testing positive if you’ve smoked recently and it’s still in your system.

  4. What is the likelihood of me passing my drug test?
    I don’t smoke frequently by any means. I have smoked (lightly) about three, maybe four times in the past month and prior to that MAYBE once a month, sometimes less. I have a drug test in half a week or so. The last time I smoked was a week ago. Will I pass it?

    • Sorry, but its not likely. Even if you only smoke once, thc stays in your system for a month. And it sounds like you have smoked more this month than usual. So unless you have done an enormous amount of sweating and been drinking water all day everyday, the chances aren’t likely.

      And FYI if you start drinking enormous amounts of water now, you will be more likely to fail because the urine will be full of the thc you are trying to flush out of your system.

      Hope the test isn’t for probation or anything like that. Because if you buy detox, 2 dilutes equal a positive.

      Good luck though.

  5. How do pass a urine drug test probation?
    I am on probation i know its not good to be asking this and that abstaining from it is the best option. But i have a meeting with my PO on thursday and smoked two weeks ago any ideas on passing a urine screen with my own urine and not using a detox drink? thanks for your help!

    • I hope you’re smoking marijuana and not crystal meth, that shit is crazy. But I’m not gonna bag on you for that like most of these douches since you came here to get a question solved (I’m going to assume that you were smoking marijuana in the following):

      Urine drug tests are quite possibly the easiest drug tests to pass. My cousins and friends have done it many times before and it only takes 3-4 days.

      First, to get rid of any standing THC in your bloodstream, you drink lots of water, but make sure not to reach 2 gallons a day or you will suffer hyponatremia (electrolyte imbalance). This rarely ever happens though unless you’re a complete idiot and can’t seem to register the fact that your brain is swelling from over-hydration. Important to this is also getting that water out with any impurities through sweating (I recommend sauna & treadmill) & urination. This process done for 2-3 days should remove any standing THC in the bloodstream.

      Usually, as a safety measure, this is the next step some of my friends have done, but my cousin passed his test by only doing the above. Drink lots of water before your test since urine collected in the morning is the most concentrated. This will dilute your urine and make any released THC (from fat cells since THC is fat-soluble) be minimal if not undetectable. Most drug testing facilities have standards, as in the urine must not be clear since it’s a sign of attempted dilution. To fix this, my friends will either take a B vitamin, or drink anything rich in B vitamins like Red Bull/Monster/Full Throttle since it colors urine yellow.

      Congratulations, you’ve just passed your drug test. Happy 420.

  6. what will the probation officer do if urine is diluted?
    i have a drug test in a few days, i smoked yesterday, im going to work out, sweat, drink lots of water, and sleep in a trash bag. and the morning of the test im going to drink like half a gallon of water to dilute my urine. will they delay the test, will i get in trouble?

    • Yes, they will get another sample. Yes, you will get in trouble. Your probation officer knows all the tricks. If you use any, they will assume your guilt.

  7. Will your state probation officer drug test you at your house the first time they come?
    I am currently on county and state probation. I took my drug test on wednesday for my county probation and passed. Sunday morning my state probation officer is coming to my house to check it out. Is it likely she is giong to drug test me or do they usually call you into their office for that? The reason I ask is that I have to drink A LOT of water or coffee to pee on the spot so I wanted to be prepared so she doesn’t have to wait around forever.

    • UA’s require a chemical mix to read. It is highly unlikely that the PO is going to be carrying some kind of field kit. This is usually done when you report to the PO’s office.

      PS…..Do not drink large amounts of any liquids prior to any testing. It will severely dilute the urine ( which will NOT hide or dilute any drug usage) and the PO usually sees this as being done by drug users. It will just result in a great deal more unannounced UA’s as they attempt to catch you.

      Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you

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