Baking Soda And Methamphetamine

Bleeding from the gums is mainly due to inadequate plaque removal from the teeth at the gum line. This will lead to a condition called gingivitis, or inflamed gums. If plaque is not detached through regular brushing and dental actions, it will harden into what is known as tartar. Ultimately, this will lead to increased bleeding and a more advanced form of gum and jawbone disease known as periodontitis.

Have you ever wondered when your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? It is a first sign of gingivitis. The primary cause of gingivitis is the bacteria that coat your teeth, and if oral cleanliness is poor, it forms a sticky white substance called plaque. The bacteria here proliferate faster and create toxins that irritate your gums, keeping them swollen and red. When they are left untreated, they will destroy the tissues connecting the gums to the tooth, and finally the tooth to the bones, causing a deep pocket and eventually attacks the bony arrangement.

Causes of Bleeding Gums: -

* Disease conditions can also cause bleeding gums. For example
* Gum problems – infection of gums, retracted or receded gums, weak & spongy gums
* Dental problems – caries, excessive tartar/plaque formation, periodontitis, etc
* Mouth – Mouth sores can also spread infection to gums to cause bleeding
* Blood disorders - Bleeding & clotting disorders - deficiency of coagulation factors, Thrombocytopenic purpura, haemophilia, leukemia, etc., can cause bleeding.
* Nutritional and physiological – Vitamin C & K deficiency will lead to bleeding disorders. Pregnancy and hormonal changes can also cause bleed gums occasionally. Poor oral hygiene often causes bleeding due to infection and weakness.
* Medications – Continuous usage of blood thinners (Aspirin, heparin therapy, etc), pain-killers and treatment procedures like chemotherapy, radiation therapy (for cancer), can also cause bleeding from gums.

How to Prevent Bleeding Gums?

However, prevention is always the best cure so to prevent blood loss gums and the potentially serious diseases that accompany it, maintain a simple, thorough dental care routine to keep your mouth in pristine state and bleeding, red, swollen gums and bleeding gums' blisters will be kept at bay. Bleeding gums can be banned in a number of ways.

* Rub a solution of baking soda and water on your gums and then brush your teeth. Baking soda neutralizes the activity of bacteria in your mouth.
* A healthy diet that is low in saturated fat and rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains is beneficial in curing the disease.
* Make a mixture of baking soda and water. Dab the affected area with a finger and then brush with the herbal powder. Not only would it heal but also neutralize the acidity of bacteria.
* Toothpaste containing sage oil, peppermint oil, chamomile tincture, Echinacea purpurea juice, myrrh tinctur and rhatany tinctures.
* Gargling with triphala concoction is beneficial in curing gingivitis. In a glass of lukewarm water, add a tsp of triphala powder. Gargle with this combination.
* Stop smoking. This is a simple step. However, smokers are seven times more likely to suffer from gum infections than those people who do not. Put down the cigarettes, and you have a better chance of curing your gum disease at a much faster rate.

baking soda and methamphetamine

10 thoughts on “Baking Soda And Methamphetamine

  1. What is the difference between Crack and Cocaine?
    No, I’m not planning to do drugs. Ever. The question just popped into my mind.

    • Cocaine and crack cocaine can generally be differentiated pretty easily just by what they look like. Crack cocaine is seen in “rock” form and looks like rocks or little nuggets. Cocaine is a white powder. Crack cocaine is more frequently off-white, while cocaine is white (although color can vary depending on if and what it’s mixed with).

      Crack cocaine and cocaine are fundamentally the same. Cocaine is generally in a salt form, known as “cocaine hydrochloride.” It is also mixed with other substances in many cases, such as baking soda, so that the quantity of cocaine being sold seems more substantial. Sometimes it is mixed (or “cut”) with methamphetamine.
      Crack is freebase cocaine that you can smoke. People make it with baking soda and water.

      The effects of cocaine and crack cocaine are similar but they vary in intensity. They give users a feeling of euphoria or power, and energy. A crack cocaine high lasts about five to fifteen minutes but feels much more intense than a cocaine high. A powder cocaine high lasts somewhat longer.

  2. Can ingesting baking soda detox your body of amphetamines and thc?
    I have a drug test in 2 days what can i do?

    • If this is a test your parents are giving you or the school MAYBE. Put if it goes to a Toxicology Lab-NO. It will show that your urine has been altered. I have been a counselor for over 25 yrs and a Parole officer for over 9 yrs. Not only will you get a violation for drugs but for altering the urinalysis. Meth is in your system on good test for 3-4 days, depending on how much and how often you use. Marijuana is in your system, even if you consider yourself a “social Marijuana user” What can you do? is step up to the plate, get honest and get treatment, after owning all the drugs you have been using. Treatment is an option I realize that you are aware that methamphetamine will KILL you. Now is the time to take care of the addiction. It will not be easy, but it is the best for you, your family and your loved ones. Trust me I know getting clean is like giving up your long time friend and can not imagine life without it. I have been clean for 28+ yrs and there is so much more out there.Give Recovery a one year hard effort. Trust me if at the one year you cn always go back to the using. The drug dealer will be still selling it But for the sake of those that really care about give you. Give it your best effort. I would be honored to take to you about recovery. Read my profile and consider IM or emailing me and lets chat. God Bless ReggieR

  3. What are different types of drugs and how do you use them?
    Okay, I know I sound pretty stupid right now. But some people I know are talking about different drugs, and I have no idea what they are. Then they all start laughing at my stupidity. Some of the drugs they mentioned were LSD, crack, speed, oc’s, and a bunch of others. Can someone please help me? I don’t want to sound stupid anymore.

    • 1. LSD stands for lysergic acid diethylamine. It’s a rather powerful hallucinogen that comes in blotter paper that is laced with it because it is a clear liquid in its original form
      2. Crack is one of the worst drugs. It’s cocaine + baking soda. It is highly addictive and dangerous.
      3. Speed (aka Amthetamines) are: “Amphetamine is a psychostimulant drug that is known to produce increased wakefulness and focus in association with decreased fatigue and appetite. Amphetamine is related to drugs such as methamphetamine and dextroamphetamine”
      4. OC is oxycontin, a prescription drug that can be abused to induce euphoria, dangerous at high doses.
      Other common drugs
      5. Cannabis (weed). The bud of the marijuana plants that is smoked to induce euphoria.
      6. Magic Mushrooms are mushrooms that contain psilocybin and other tryptamines that make you “trip”. They are considered a soft drug and have little or no side effects except bad trips

  4. Are there any home remedies to clean your system of methamphetamines before a urine analysis?
    I heard baking soda works, and I have heard a few other remedies, but am unsure and do not want to pass false information. If anyone has any ideas w/out passing judgement on the messenger, please tell.

    • You have to buy NIACIN it will clear it out like nothing flat. Just dont stay out in the sun or your gonna itch to death and if they do a hair strand test your screwed

  5. What is the difference between molly and regular ecstasy pills?
    which is stronger, lasts longer, makes things feel better, and is just better in general? ive already done e several times but nvr molly. and i have a legit hookup on it. plz dont waste your time telling me not to do it….thanks

    • Molly is the term used to refer to loose MDMA powder, as opposed to ecstasy tablets which contain MDMA and coloring and fillers and binders which allow it to be pressed into solid tablets.

      Theoretically, molly should be better because it is pure MDMA where ecstasy tablets contain fillers, binders, and any number of adulterants, with an unknown amount of MDMA. However, unless you are buying your molly from a trusted source, that white powder could be absolutely anything from methamphetamine to baking soda. My experience has shown that if you are buying from a stranger at a party, you are better off buying tablets. If somebody went to the trouble and expense of procuring a machine to press tablets, you are more likely to get a tablet that actually contains MDMA, but if you are buying white powder in a capsule from a stranger, it is probably total crap. However, if you have a trusted source for molly that is actually pure MDMA, that will be better than most tablets you could buy.

      Note: The poster who said cocaine is cheaper than MDMA is incorrect. Very few ecstasy tablets have been found to contain cocaine, because cocaine is more expensive than ecstasy, cocaine is inactive orally, and cocaine has it’s own market so there’s no need to sell cocaine as any other drug.

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