Vinegar Pickle Juice Drug Test

Recurrent mouth ulcers are a source of worry for many people worldwide. It is an apparently simple condition that causes much more pain than is expected. Because of its relative commonness in some societies, it has gotten itself a variety of names such as canker sore, aphthous stomatitis or aphthous ulcer. Commonly, mouth ulcer, canker sore or whatever name you wish to call it, involves painful open sores that will exist in the mouth, believed to be due to the breaking off of the overlying mucous membrane.


1. For long term relief from ulcer you need to take deglycyrrhizinated liquorice (DGL). It stimulates your body to produce protective mucus that encourages healing of mucous membranes, and fight bacteria that causes mouth ulcer. Buy chewable DGL tablets that have had compound glycyrrhizic acid removed as this acid can cause water retention and high blood pressure.

2. Apply topical gels, pastes or mouthwashes that contains anaesthetics, pain reliever, and anti-inflammatory substances. Many of this can be bought over the counter without prescription excluding those which contain a combination of control medicine.

3. Rinsing with Listerine, using antiseptics and also using hydrogen peroxide. Another popular method is taking TUMS stomach medicine and crushing it and applying it directly on the ulcer in the mouth. This is a surprisingly effective means of eliminating a mouth ulcer that many people endorse.

4. Eat a diet that is supportive of the lymphatic system - this means that you need to avoid the following: o red meats, o greasy fatty foods and fried foods, o dairy products including: cheese, butter, cream, milk and goats milk and cheese o vinegar and pickles, o alcohol, o sugar and sugar based products, o artificial additives, preservatives, colorings and flavorings, o coffee and similar beverages.

5. Kattha is an extract of the Acacia catechu plant, known commonly in the west as the catechu plant. This has astringent properties. It has a special place in Ayurvedic medicine in oral treatment. It is used in many forms for the treatment of ulcers.

6. Certainly coconut oil is ideal for helping to relieve the pain felt from mouth ulcers instantly all you need is get a tablespoon of coconut oil and hold it for a minute on the mouth ulcer. Soon you will feel the pain going away and this relief seems to last for quite a while because of the MCFA's (medium chain fatty acids) find in coconut oil which are rapidly absorbed in to the body and thus the healing process is accelerated.

7. Apply topical gels, pastes or mouthwashes that contains anaesthetics, pain reliever, and anti-inflammatory substances. Many of this can be bought over the counter without prescription excluding those which contain a combination of control medicine.

8. Lastly drink more water to cool down your body. By cooling down your body temperature, you will let the infected area to recover quicker. At the same time, try not to take spicy food which will increase your body temperature rapidly.

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vinegar pickle juice drug test

12 thoughts on “Vinegar Pickle Juice Drug Test

  1. How long does it take for your system to clear?
    After smoking weed, how long does it take for your system to clear so you can pass a drug test. And is there anyway to speed up the cleaning of the system! Please answer both questions !

    • Well to answer the first question correctly takes two exact details, Was it only one time OR do you smoke marijuana everyday? and What is your body type(e.g. thin or thick). After you answer those two details, then you can find out how long you need to wait before your clean, Which if it was only one time, then your looking at 4-7days of detoxing time, now then if you smoked on a daily basis for many weeks/months/years your looking at 30-60days of detoxing time. The body type comes into play because THC stores it’s self in fat cells which means the thicker you are the more fat cells you have and the more fat cells you have the longer it takes to get rid of the THC, and the more THC means the longer your waiting time and so on and so forth. So now that also brings us to your second question, and the answer is yes, but only to an extent are there ways of speeding up the process, Now then I am only going to tell you the safe ways to speed things up a little bit, from earlier I mentioned fat cells and THC, that is a excellent way to start cleansing is by exercise, the more fat cells your burn the more THC your getting rid of as well, also there are a number of food products you can use to speed things up such as vinegar, which is only safe to be drank by itself in low doses maybe a shot glass full twice a week, but a great alternative is Pickles which contain vinegar and are completely safe to eat and drink the juice as well(Only if you like pickles or can bare them, many people don’t eat pickles), only side effect is you might end up with a stomach ache and spending a bit of time on the toilet if you eat to many pickles, which is the reason why they work well for THC cleansing is because they make you have to use the restroom, and last of all if you don’ want to eat pickles/drink pickle juice, or drink vinegar, then also a lesser working natural cleanser is Orange Juice, yes the tasty orange fruit can cleanse you of THC through the help of vitamins and minerals, like I said though it’s a lesser cleanser which means it doesn’t work quite as well as the other ways. I would recommend doing this and waiting the time out as well, just to be 100% sure about passing the test.
      And remember it’s always helpful to know drug information, not just for using them correctly but also to know how to avoid sticky/unnecessary situations.

  2. What is a good @ home remedy for flushing your system…?
    What is a good @ home remedy for flushing your system before a drug test?? I heard pickle juice or vinegar?

    • I’ve been told (and I’m currently trying this, so I’m in the same boat) that drinking about 1oz (a shot) of apple cider vinegar followed by a large intake of water (5-10 bottles) can clear your system if you do this daily for a week. One of my friends just tried the “Drinks” that you can buy at health food stores such as GNC and he failed his test miserably. I have heard that most of them are just expensive juice that is easily marketed to the drug culture.

      Either way, you cant think that a remedy is an excuse to smoke a few times before your test. Your best bet is to hold back on any drugs… drink lots of water and exercise until the drug test, and perhaps try the apple cider vinegar.

      Then after finding out the result, go back to your normal routine of using.

  3. How does one get marijuana out of their system fast?
    Do any of those products in the GNC/health food stores work? Is there a natural remedy? I heard pickle juice or straight vinegar; and I heard laxatives & diuretics…Short of not smoking it, what can be done? (I know it stays in the body for around 30 days or more)
    There may or may not be a test – it is for DCF.

    Money is not the problem, and it’s doubtful that if there is a test, it surely won’t be all that advanced – DCF are a bunch of tightwads – shoot, they only give foster parents $13 a day to care for a child. No wonder kids in the foster care system get such a raw deal!

    P.S. Pot is a BAZILLION times better than ALCOHOL!!! Deal with it!

    • no no no! don’t listen to these jokers…
      yes there are definitely things you can do to speed this up.
      first of all, why do you want to get it out of your system??
      drug testing at your job?
      do you play sports?
      parole officer??

      the reason i ask is because –like said, there are “medicines” of sorts you CAN take that will get it out of your system, but if you’re getting a test done, sometimes they also test for the chemicals that can get the pot out of your system.
      if you’re not on parole and you’re not a professional athlete it should be okay. these tests are expensive and the more technical they are, the more they cost. so you can understand why extra tests won’t be done unless necessary.

      go to a head shop (place where you can go to buy a pipe/bong/papers/ or one of several bob marley posters and tie-dyed t-shirts. hehe… i think you know what kind of a place i’m talking about)
      talk to the person there about what you’re looking for. they almost def sell it. and don’t be embarrassed. anyone working in a place like that is not going to freak out. just don’t be stupid, you know…

      ask the person who works there which one they sell the most of. and ask them if they ever hear back from the customers: like good/bad reviews. it’s gonna cost like $40-$50. but, it’s worth it.

      i did it one time (job interview) and it worked ALL THE WAY.

      good luck!!

  4. What can i use to clean my system of thc besides those pricy drinks that detox it?
    Im an everyday pot smoker. i have a drug test coming in about 2 1/2 weeks. im wondering if pickle juice or vinegar or cranberry juice or niacin or whatever ways really work. ive heard it before but it sometimes seems hard to believe. im also wondering what really works so i can pass my upcoming drug test with out spending a bunch of money at a shop on a drink.

    opinions wanted

    • It seems to me that by using these methods you would be making yourself a drug cheat. The only way to keep clean would be to live clean.

  5. Cleaning Out My System For A Drug Test?
    I smoke pot occasionally, the last time was yesterday afternoon.

    I’ve done some interviews from some jobs that drug test, and I want to know what I can do to clean out my system or detox it as fast as I can.

    I’ve heard things like drinking vinegar and pickle juice, using goldenseal, running and drinking a lot of water.

    • Unless you have high cholesterol, niacin won’t do anything for you. Was it really that smart smoking weed knowing about these interviews / drug tests?

  6. how can i clean my system for good to pass a drug test?
    want to clean my system to pass a drug test does anyone know a way to do this with out buying something to put in your piss or a system flush, like i heard drinking vinegar or pickle juice so what do you guys know. i smoked weed

    • NOTHING!!

      except taping a baggie of someone cleans pee under your arm pit. And using that. Pot stays in your system for 45 days…

      The baggie under the arm keeps the pee hot ,so when you hand the cup to the tech the cup will be warm to the touch and he will think you pee’d in it. Cause your pee is hot when it comes out.
      They will be rite outside your door. Retape the baggie and get!

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