How To Pass A Pre-employment Nicotine Test

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how to pass a pre-employment nicotine test

4 thoughts on “How To Pass A Pre-employment Nicotine Test

  1. Regaurding a cotinine test for a job…..?
    Hello, I recently just completed a pre-employment drug screen which includes a cotinine screen as part of the requirements for getting hired, provided the cotinine test result is negative. My test was last Wednesday June 22 and my last bought of nicotine usage was on Sunday June 19. I was a pack a day smoker. For some ungodly reason these labs nor the medical review place will tell me if I passed or not (why it has to be some big secret?) that is beyond me. Im just asking for my cotinine results. I did find that the cut-off is at less than 200ng (whatever that is). But anyhow, to the point, I am a female 5’5 118lbs and was drinking alot of water , taking vitamin C, along with milk thistle to help with the clearing process if not clearing at least minimizing it at or below the cutoff level. Can someone please shed some light on this issue for me? If their cutoff is 200ng, then is there a good chance that I passed? And why wont they just tell me whether or not I tested positive or negative? Whats the deal with those people? Afterall those bodily fluids do belong to me….. Any comments would be welcomed. Thank you in advance!!!

    • If you paid for the test they would give you the results, if the future employer payed for the test, they are required to give the info to the concerned parties who paid for it. Once you volunteer your fluids for testing the become property of the lab and the results are property of those whom paid for it.

  2. Has any smokers been through nicotine testing for pre-employment?
    Has any smokers been through nicotine testing for pre-employment?

    I smoked today (about 4 cigarettes) and my test is in 7 days from today. I do not plan on smoking anymore.

    Should I be worried if I’ll pass? I’m absolutely terrified to the point that makes me sick. I’ve been doing good with not smoking, at home, in the car, in public.. i just have a VERY hard time while at my current job. There’s so many smokers there, and starting a new job with the interviewing and everything is stressful and I slipped by smoking a few cigarettes.

    I’m so worried i’ve ruined my chance at my new job. Not to mention I just turned in my 2 weeks notice. It’s all I can think about.

    Anyone pass with being smoke free for 7 days? Any advice to calm me down?
    It’s for a job at the Cleveland Clinic. They test for nicotine (cotinine) with the pre-employment drug screen. If you test positive, they take back the job offer and say you can stop smoking and reapply in 3 months IF the job is still there.

    I was wearing the nicotine patch and it helps A LOT. But, nicotine is nicotine so I quit wearing it.

    I don’t plan on smoking anymore, but i just wish that if by chance I don’t pass, they would assist me with quiting and then test me again in 3 months.

    I can’t believe I’m so upset over this. I just want this job starting process to be done and over with. Either I have it or I don’t.

    • I have never heard of ANYONE testing for nicotine. It will generally be out of your system in roughly 3-5 days.

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