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    How can you pass an at home Tobacco use test (Cotinine test)?
    I am bieng tested at work for Tobacco use, which is called a cotinine test I believe, and I dont smoke a lot, but I really want to keep my job.
    What are some ways you can pass a urine test for that? Ive heard of fake urine, or flushing out your system, etc. Anything that has worked for you? This is going to sound really gross, but as long as were bieng open here- does animal urine work? Any information would be great, thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to your local health food store. There are two methods you can use. One is a body flush which takes about a week (and costs about 0). The other is a diuretic (much cheaper). The diuretic comes usually as a drink that tastes awful. It will make you urinate (about every 5 minutes for 2 to 3 hours).

      Both will make you clean. But it they are testing for other things, such as blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. then you must go with the full body flush. The diuretic will make it look like you are a diabetic with the potential for heart disease.

    Can I pass a nicotine/cotinine test after stopping smoking for one week?
    I have stopped smoking for 1 week and I drink lots of fluids and sweat tremendously everyday (I work outside in construction). I have a nicotine screening for a new job. Will I pass after quitting for 1 week along with all the fluid intake and output that I go through everyday?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you can, it is detected in the urine for 3-4 days. The test .95, try to buy one and you will know for sure.
      Being from Canada I am curious as to why is it anyones business as to whether you smoke ?

    Will cigarette smoking show up on a blood test?
    Will cigarette smoking show up on a blood test? cos i have a medical test thursday, pls give me a solution for this i smoked 2 cigarattes today.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes and it will stay in the blood for approximately 20 days or more.

      After the nicotine enters your body, it goes into your blood system. Your body converts the nicotine into another substance that is called cotinine. When you take a blood test, this is what they are measuring--levels of cotinine. A person's body doesn't pass blood through its system as quickly as urine passes through. This is why urine tests can be beneficial over blood tests

      Flushing out the soporific from your body is easy provided you adhere to certain diet plans. Understand the type of food that helps you flush out the nicotine traces and pass the drug tests with ease. Try to consume a lot of citrus fruits. Go in for citrus beverages. They would have an enormous amount of vitamin C which in turn has the ability to expedite the metabolism of the soporific. Drinking lots of water also aids in this process since the expulsion quickens with the intake of water.

    how long is nicotine traceable in the bloodstream?
    I smoke occasionally and do not want that fact to declare me as a "smoker" in an upcoming wellness screening I'm having to participate in. How long prior to the blood test do I need to make sure I do not smoke?

    • ANSWER:
      Thats really dependent on how heavy of a smoker you are and what type of test they are doing.

      For urine tests its not as bad - If you only smoke socially (a cigarette or two now and then) than it would be out of your system in a few days - maybe 3-4 days. If youre a regular smoker then a few weeks would be more accurate. A chronic smoker who smokes a pack a day for 20 years? Could take a month or more.

      For blood tests, they can trace it down to much smaller amounts. The blood test doesnt actually test for nicotine, but rather cotinine which is what your body metabolizes nicotine into when it enters your system. Your body doesnt clear your blood via your liver anywhere near as fast as urine passes through.

      If you smoke more than every once in a while, Id give it a month to be sure - and you can take a few steps to increase the quickness that it passes through your system. Going running a lot for example can help because your body releases toxins through your sweat. Drinking a lot of water can also help it pass more quickly as it makes you urine more often and pass more toxins that way. Drinking beverages with vitamin C (like orange juice) can also help you metabolize them faster. And stop using any tobacco products, of course.

      Remember that blood tests can pick up even very small traces of cotinine in your blood, so the longer prior you stop - the safer you are in it not being detected.

      Good luck.

    After one cigarette, how long will it be until I will pass a cotinine drug test?
    I am 140 pounds, moderately active, and drink about a half a gallon of water a day.

    • ANSWER:
      Inexpensive urine test strips are not very sensitive (cutoff around 200 ng/ml) and they can only detect cotinine for about 2-6 days.But lab urine test, such as GCMS (cutoff around 5 ng/ml) or ion pair reversed-phase chromatography (cutoff around 2 ng/ml) can detect for longer, about 7-10 days.
      Nicotine and cotinine can be detected by quick, inexpensive saliva tests, but some saliva tests are extremely sensitive (my local pharmacy have a saliva cotinine test and cutoff is low as 1 ng/ml) Also this type of test have no nationally accepted standards or cutoff concentrations for detection, so result and detection time will dependent on the drug test product.So i will say possible detection time to 7-10 days (this is the detection period in the blood with laboratory testing ) Also cotinine / nicotine can be detected in hair via GC/MS and detection time is much longer than fluid tests.
      This info i have from my personal research 3-4 mounts ago and only experience I had is home type of swab saliva for cotinine, witch I order for my self .Also look online for more new info because drug standards change pretty fast.
      btw are you shure they looking for tabaco?

    How long would a VERY moderate smoker have to go without smoking to pass a blood cotinine test ?

    • ANSWER:
      When someone stops using tobacco and nicotine products, it can take more than two weeks for blood levels of cotinine to drop to the level that a non-tobacco user would have and several weeks more for urine levels to decrease to very low concentrations.

    How long does nicotine stay in your system?
    I had 3 cigarettes yesterday and one cigarette today. This is the first time I have smoked in months. I think I might have to take a drug test within the next couple of days for this program I'm in. Will I pass the test?
    yes i am in rehab and i don't think they're allowed so that's why i was wondering.

    • ANSWER:
      Nicotine and cotinine are rapidly eliminated by the kidney; the window of detection for cotinine in urine at a cutoff level of 200 ng/mL is expected to be up to 2-3 days after nicotine use

how to pass cotinine urine test

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