8 thoughts on “Home Remedies To Pass A Drug Test For Marijuana

  1. How can i pass a saliva drug test?
    I don’t want to buy any products, but it would be “helpful” for me to pass this drug test. so, what is the best way, using “home remedies” to pass a saliva drug test? i smoke marijuana for spiritual purposes such as meditation.

    • Bull Poop !! “spiritual purposes” my butt. You smoke it because of the way it makes you feel.

      If you want to pass a test, refrain from using – at all.

      If you are unable to do that, get professional help and/or rehab.

  2. What are tricks or suggestions on passing urine test for marijuana?
    Short term notice on a drug test. I’m curious about tricks and home remedies for passing a drug test. And has anyone tested their claim and passed?

  3. What sort of home and herbal remedies can I use to ensure I will pass a drug test for Marijuana?
    Im trying to avoid synthetic pee and commerical detox products… I weigh 150 lbs and have very little body fat, so I have taken these drug tests for marijuana in the past and passed them, but its been so long that I forgot how I did it. Does Niacin help?

    • The best thing i’ve done was to do a lot of aerobic exercise for two weeks before your test. (run, swim, bike) This gets the THC out of your fat cells and into your blood stream so you can get rid of it, but, IMPORTANT, stop exercising two days before the test so that whatever THC is left in your body wil not get into your bloodstream.

      Also eat and drink a ton of foods high in anti-oxidants. This will help flush you out.

  4. How to pass a home marijuana test?
    I’m keeping this short & I don’t need any lectures. My parents are making me take a drug test for weed. (Someone told them I smoked before) The last time I smoked was August 18th & I smoke occasionally (about 2x or 1x a month) How can I make sure I pass it besides buying pills, fake pee or anything? So basically at home remedies. I was also wondering if I dilute the pee with water (add water to the pee) with that work?

    • You live with your parents who love you. they provide you with food and clothing, shelter, medical and transportation. In return, one of their rules is that you don’t use drugs. Sounds like a rather simple request.

      When you have moved out and are in NO way financially dependent on them, then if you so choose, you can use drugs. But until then, it’s their house their rules.

      I wish you the wisdom to make the smart choices in life.

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