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  1. I have a saliva drug test in 5 days….wat is the best remedy 2 clear my system…I am a regular user:( HEL?
    I would like a home remedy can someone please help me…I am going to stop all the way I jus need some assurance for now…

    • If you can stay clean for 5 days you should be fine. Saliva testing is pretty cheap because it’s not that effective. The longest that a drug can be detected is about 3 days. I’m not sure what you’re a chronic user of, but if it’s something that doesn’t leave you sick from not using it it should be pretty easy. Not fun, but doable. If you want to be extra safe, visit a smoke shop and they usually have cleansing mask or a special mouth wash that could possibly help you. These things aren’t cheap though.

      Here’s a website listing what this test can detect and for how long: http://best4drugtest.com/_passsalivatest.html

  2. I need to pass a drug test?
    I need to pass a drug test i’m 5’3 and over 200 pounds. And please don’t say anything rude ismoked3 weeksago I am taking a drug test probably in a couple of days for a job. I know it was a stupid thing to do don’t judge me. But i really need this job. Is there any home remedys that can help me pass. And i’m asking people that are my height and weight that really worked from them
    1 second ago – 4 days left to answer.

    • You don’t mention if you were a regular smoker up until 3 weeks ago, or if you just smoked one time, 3 weeks ago. You also don’t mention if it’s a urine or saliva test (if you even have that information).

      1) If it’s a saliva test, you were clean within a few days.

      2) If it’s a urine test, and you only smoked one time, 3 weeks ago, you were also clean within a few days.

      3) If you were a fairly regular smoker up until 3 weeks ago, then you might possibly have a problem, due to your size. But each person’s metabolism is incredibly different, so that’s not necessarily a given.

      If you were a regular smoker, I’d recommend that you go to a pharmacy and get a single-panel THC home test. It’s the only way to know for sure. If you’re negative, the money you spend will be well worth the peace of mind.

      If a home test shows that you’re positive, then you’ll have to dilute by drinking close to a gallon of water, starting a few hours before your test appointment. It’s important to pee as much as you can in order to flush metabolites out of your kidneys (and also to avoid water intoxication). About an hour before your appt., take a B-complex vitamin to turn your pee yellow.

      This is kind of a quick fix since you don’t have much time, and I get the impression you don’t want to spend any money either. Your creatinine levels might be low since you don’t have any time to plan, but if your test comes back as ‘negative/dilute’ you will usually get a second chance (just tell them you’ve been drinking lots of fluids lately because it’s flu season and you’re trying to stay healthy).

      Forget crap like vinegar, niacin, certo, blah blah blah. All of that stuff is useless. The ONLY thing that matters are the fluids you drink in the few hours before your test.

  3. is there a home remedy for passing a saliva drug test ? please help?
    i need to take a saliva test but i’ve been smokin pot how can i get clean ,

    ps i heard of vinegar and peroxide?

    • People are going to tell you all kinds of things, but the truth is that there’s nothing you can do now. Sorry.

  4. Is there anyway to pass a blood test. Also What else can you use to clear your system of thc besides sure jel?
    tricks or home remedies to pass a piss test?

    • A blood test would test THC in your blood consumed VERY recently. If you showed up positive for a THC blood test, you probably smoked within a few hours ago, or even a day ago (tops).

      A saliva test isn’t as reliable either, because you wash your mouth out constantly by swallowing so if you showed up positive for THC on a saliva swab test, then you most likely smoked very recently.

      For both of the above tests, as a precaution, abstain from smoking for at least one week. That would be more than enough time to pass a blood test or saliva test.

      The best way to know if you’re going to pass a urine drug test is to buy a drug test that tests 50 ng/ml of THC to pass. You can get one of these at Walgreens for maybe 15 dollars, the At-Home Drug Test (they have one that tests for all NIDA-5, and they also have one specifically designed to test THC). Most of the time, administered urine screens are EMIT tests, which measure that amount in order to pass. The result on the Walgreen’s At-Home Drug Test is a pretty good indicator of whether or not you will pass an actual drug test. Don’t do this as a 100% sure-fire way to know if you’ll pass, it’s just an indicator.

      If you’re trying to pass for a job, you’ll probably be given EMIT. I don’t know which test you’re taking If you’re going to the military, you are given a test which is harder to pass (almost not worth trying to get around).

      Sometimes, if you fail a drug test, they might send the sample in to a lab where they can screen the sample to see if it showed up as a false positive for any reason. You CAN’T get around trying to “pass” that test, because it is like finding a needle in a haysack. If there is any THC or drug your urine (since no cleansing kit or amount of water will actually “clean” you out, they just mask THC to make it passable), they will find it. Basically if this happens, you’re screwed.

      Don’t use those cleansing kits. They are a waste of money. Don’t torture yourself with vinegar and cranberry juice, either. These things are a waste of money and time, and they are NO more effective than having a couple glasses of water before the test, and peeing a few times morning of the test before you give them a sample. Like I said, you can’t clean your urine out of THC (your body naturally works to get rid of it, and you don’t control how long that takes), you can only mask it.

  5. Home remedies to remove THC from marijuana out of your system?
    I have a drug test coming up and I was wondering if there was anyone out there that knew of a home remedy that actually works to remove or at least lower the level of THC in you’re system. I have heard of soooo many different ways that I don’t know which ones are even true or if they even worked in the first place. I have heard of lots and lots of water… nothing more then that, vinegar, lots of tea, detox drinks (which i did and it said that i had a creatinine urine and the drug test should be re done), cranberry juice, etc, etc. Does anyone know if any of those actually work or is it true that you have to wait the full 30 days for it to pass through you’re system? Please no smart a$$ remarks. I am not looking for that kind of response from anyone what so ever. And please don’t judge me because of what i do…. If you don’t like marijuana then that’s fine. No one judges you for not smoking it.


    • First Detection time for weed in:
      Saliva- 2-3 days (single use) / 3-5 days (habitual use)
      Hair- up to 90 days
      Urine- 2-5 days (single use)/ up to 12 weeks (habitual use) but allot relies on your height and weight,amount of physical activity, the quality of weed, how much you smoke ,type of test ,etc…
      Second – home test yourself. Use One panel THC home test kit, from your local pharmacy they run around $5-$10
      Also If you’re going to try to get clean- speed up your metabolism ,THC metabolites are stored in your fat so the more fat your body burns the faster it gets out. Go on high fiber diet its makes the metabolites cling to the fiber and send it out.Take a vitamin b-12 ,help with the creatine levels . Allot water and natural diuretic (cranberry juice).. Home testing also ( !!!!your morning urine have the highest concentration of THC metabolites ).
      Vinegar doesn’t work (will lower the pH, but doesn’t clean)
      “Detox” drinks. They don’t actually detox, they have a masking agent and works for 3-6 hours after taking it. But many don’t work or you may fail because of them.
      Another method is clean friend’s urine or synthetic urine. But if you get caught, you will automatically fail and you need to keep the sample between 91-97 degrees.
      Go to this website http://www.drugtestfriend.com or call the people from here, they have a personal phone consultation. # 2524894754 I use them allot and they will answer your question for free.

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