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  1. How many nanograms of THC does a meps Drug test, test for?
    I quit smoking a few weeks ago and passed a home test but that tests for 50 Naograms of THC in your system. How many nanograms does a Meps drug test, test for?
    Also, ill be going to meps for the Air Force

    • Wow, I cannot believe how many people are asking this question today…lol… And I cannot believe how many people are answering it with the wrong answer. I used to work for the company that supplied the drug testing equipment to the MEPS. One person says the Navy tests for whatever, yea, from what I have seen it is mostly Navy personnel that are working at the MEPS stations and doing the screenings of things.

      Anyway, I usued to work for the company that supplies the testing equipment to the MEPS stations and also that the place where the active duty units send thier urine to to be tested.

      They test down to 0 (zero) nanogarms!!…lol Not 30, then 20 or anything else. They are wanting to make sure that there are no other drug toxins in the candidates blood.

      And to the person that says that they don’t test for THC, that is a load. That is one of the main things that they test for. Lol. that is one of the main thigns that people fail the test because of.

      Anyway, just don’t go down to MEPS till you have waited about 30-45 days after the last time you smoked. If you are a heavier set person or if you were a very avid smoke (like everyday for years) then I would wait a week or two longer than that. Get a home drug test kit and take it. That will give you somewhat of an idea how you will do, although it only tests to the 50 nanograms.

      It also does not matter what branch of service you are trying to get into, you all have the same standards that everyoen is held to. Zero tolerance for drugs. That means your body has to be totally clean of substances.

      Good luck

  2. How do people fail the drug test at basic training but pass the meps drug test?
    My friend got kicked out of the marines in bt because he popped positive on the drug test they gave him, but he said he passed at meps the day he shipped out, he also said he wasnt the only one, how does this happen?

    • Different meds can cause ‘false postives’. Thats why you need to disclose if you have taken any drugs (illegal or prescription!)
      You would be surprised at how many OTC drugs will cause you to pop up positive! otc cough medicine will for one! (thats why they tell you not to take any the night before you go to meps!)
      So either your friend did some sort of drugs between the time he left meps and landed, or he took some otc meds on the plane or something.

  3. Took a home drug test and passed will i pass the next?
    i smoked about three weeks ago which is rare, i barely ever smoke thats not for me but i did any way, im going to MEPS (joining the army) this thursday and i know i have to take a drug test, so i took a home drug test and i passed with flying colors… will i pass the MEPS drug test?

    • You should be golden, man. I smoked out a ‘one time only’ deal and had a drug test one month later and passed. This was HAIR FOLLICLE (which goes back even farther than pee) at that!

  4. How long does the Military Entrance Processing Station take to send you a letter if you passed?
    Do they do the drug test and the blood test that same day? I heard that if you swear in then it means that you passed everything including the blood and urine tests. IS THAT TRUE?

    Do they send you a letter in the mail if you passed or failed? How long does it take? 1-3 days?

    If i took 5 drug tests at the recruiters office and passed them all does that mean i passed MEPS drug test?

    • I went to MEPS before I joined the Army active and than again before joining the Navy reserves. It’s a long long day in MEPS. I did everything in one day, drug/blood test, physical, job selection, etc. It takes a couple of days to get drug and blood test back. MEPS sends the results to your recruiter. I did drug test at the recruiters but I still had to do the drug test at MEPS.

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