Drug Testing For Synthetic Weed

Many people suffering from asthma and are prescribed medical marijuana would bring portable vaporizers with them in case they feel an asthma attack coming. Asthma is respiratory system problems that have symptoms of wheezing and shortness in breathing that is caused by over production of mucus in the respiratory system, contractions and spasms of bronchial tubes and the swelling of mucous membranes. This respiratory track problem kills a little over 4,000 Americans per year. Since the legalization of medical marijuana in some states, many doctors have prescribed medical marijuana to asthma patients who needed help and are looking for an alternative cure or medicine. Marijuana has been used as a form of medicine since the ancient times. Marijuana contains THC which is the active chemical that can help with multiple medical issues.

Clinical research has shown that THC, the active chemical found in the cannabis plant, can be used as a bronchial dilator. This means that this can clear the blocked air passage ways in the respiratory system and allow the patient free breathing. In one of their studies, medical marijuana "is the reason of an instant reversal of hyperinflation and asthma that were exercise-induced." Countless cases of patients with asthma have successfully been treated with the use of both synthetic and natural THC. In a certain case report, a woman who stated to use medical marijuana with a doctor's approval stated that over the span of a few years, the woman's asthma attacks were nearly completely gone and she can breathe with no problems with the help of a low dose of cannabis smoke that she inhaled.

Some people who have asthma who found relief in using synthetic THC would often say that they prefer to use natural medical marijuana more than Mariol. Marinol is the market name of Dronabinol, the International Nonproprietary Name or INN for pure isomer from THC, and is known to be much less effective compared to natural medical marijuana and it has much bigger psychoactive properties. Since a lot of doctors have been prescribing medical marijuana, alternative ways of administration are also being recommended by medical institutions and leaders in the field. There have been researches and plans to create a non-combusting inhaler used to take in THC. However, designs for these inhalers have been turned down or failed to create a working prototype. Portable vaporizers are the closest thing to THC inhalers. These hand carry vaporizers are a convenient way for asthma patients to take in their dose of THC.

Experiments and test that examine the anti-asthmatic effects that THC or medical marijuana dates back to 1970's, most of these studies have laid the foundation of prescribing medical marijuana. The medical effects of marijuana cigarettes that contains 2% THC or an oral THC intake that contains 15 mg, roughly can obtain a corresponding therapeutic dose of the usual bronchodilators drugs such as isoprenaline and salbutamol. Following the prescribed inhalation, its effects can last to about two to three hours. Using portable vaporizers is the fastest way to get relief form medical marijuana since you are inhale the THC.

drug testing for synthetic weed